Thursday, 4 November 2010

follow the yellow brick road, wherever the damn thing goes..

 i came across this yellow bow top as i was lookign through the wardrobe for things to get rid of, and realised i hadn't worn it yet since purchasing it earlier in the year. it was from primark, and has a large bow detail on the front, which is what drew me to it..

i wasn't really sure what to wear with it, as it's quite a loose fit, so i didn't want a loose, swishy skirt..i dug out this years-old pencil skirt from new look, which is actually not as awful as i thought it would be..

i've added to this a satin cropped blazer, as the top is sleeveless and i couldn't find a plain black cardi, and then added the black and yellow irregular choice rocko heels i bought last month, which do go ok despite being a little brighter, and are sooo comfy!!


  1. I love loose tops with pencil skirts, and your polka dot one is just amazing x

  2. Yellow really suits you Char, gorgeous. xxx

  3. Love all the yellow - perfect to go with those lovely shoes :)