Monday, 22 November 2010

hey man jaws was never my scene and i don't like star wars..

 this is one of my outfits from the past week, thrown on in order to look a little less like a wreck when cycling into town to run some errands..

i know the jumpsuit has been seen before - several times in fact - but i just really liked the way it seems to go with this cardigan which i'd kinda forgotten about until last weekend's 'great wardrobe-room tidy-up''s a h&m cardi from a couple of years back, on a trip to the bullring..

as it was fairly cold, i also added this faux fur headbamd from primark as i love how toasty warm it keeps my ears and the fact i cam tuck my ipod headphones in and keep them safe..also a river island silk scarf tightly tied so it wouldn't fly away whilst cycling..


  1. I love that jumpsuit. I wish I had the bladder capacity to allow me to wear one!

  2. Love the cardi, its super cute xxx

  3. Oh wow, what a gorgeous cardi! That jumpsuit is surprisingly versatile isn't it? Seems to look great with everything you pair it up with.

  4. i love that you can pull off a jumpsuit :) i have no hope!