Thursday, 11 November 2010

i still believe it when you say, it's another perfect day..

as i'm still feeling a little under the weather, i couldn't be bothered with outfit photos, so i thought it would be rude not to share a few more of my bargains from last week..  
dogtooth coat, £9 charity shop

first of all, one of  the many hospice / charity shops i went into last week had this lovely black and white dogstooth coat, a longer version of one i have had my eye on in sainsburys, but couldn't bring myself to spent £45 on, so i was thrilled when i found this one for £9!!!

primark lace / tulle dress, £15

another thing which i was rather excited to see and beelined towards through the store was this fabulous lace and tulle net dress, from primark..i do enjoy the liverpool primark, for it's size and range - and actuallly for a friday afternoon it wasn't that busy..the wait for the till wasn't too long, and i managed to find myself some bargains..just need a party to wear this pretty dress to now! (also, i saw this peacocks dress which is practically the same yesterday, and thought what a bargain my one was, as i kinda like it more..)

tapestry bag £12, rose print bf cardi £17 - outfit

these other bits came from the outfit store at parc llandudno..the only disappointment with that shop is that they don't have a topshop section, whcih i had kinda expected when they closed the high street topshop down in the main town..maybe that's a future plan...? anyway, the bag and cardi were from the miss selfridge section of outfit, neither of which i had seen in any stores this season, although truth be told i haven't shopped in miss selfridge all that much recently..both in the sale, and the print of the cardi had me totally hooked..

i do still have some more purchase posts to do, but as i am trying to stretch out my spending this month, i will also try and stretch out the posts ..
i do have a giveaway planned also, so will get that up as soon as i have photographed the prizes..
also, my Q+A post is kinda sparse on the Q front, so any more Q's would be appreciated :)


  1. Love the primark dress - what a find! xx

  2. If you ever want to rid yourself of that Primark dress...

    nice finds Char x

  3. Love that swingy dogtooth coat, very stylish.
    Q: If you found a magic lantern with a genie willing to grant you three wishes what would you wish for? xxx

  4. I love that coat, I have my peepers peeled for another nice warm winter coat.
    Questions for you, what do you do to relax (you always seem so busy), and what is your dream future?
    Kandi x

  5. Lovely lovely coat.

    My question is what book and what single luxury item would you take if you were to be stranded on a desert island (ala Desert Island Discs!)?

  6. That Primark dress is soooo pretty. Such a lovely colour. xx

  7. I can't wait to see you wear that Primark dress. It's just so gorgeous.

    I have another question! How many pairs of shoes do you own? (and you have to go and count them all, muahaha!)

  8. What a gorgeous primark find - maybe i need you with me when i hit up that store! ive never been a very good thrifter!