Friday, 26 November 2010

i'm not guna teach him how to dance with you...

 whoever said crafting is relaxing?!
on sunday, alex and i sat down and had an afternoon of crafting..she had a lovely, but intricate beaded bauble to tackle, whilst i had brought the last few sections of this dress to finish, with plans to move onto my next sewing project with very little bother..that was a little optimistic maybe!

i think the pair of us may have lost count of how many times we shouted at our respective one point i told my dress that if it didn't start to behave, it would go in the charity clothes bin at the supermarket, and that even then, nobody would want it..

but it is now finished, and i may take that back, as i think it turned out ok..there are a few little things i'm not completely happy with, but that may just be  my overly self-critical nature..

it's quite an odd design, with a lot of bias binding around all the edges to make it a reeeeally lazy pattern - no hemming, and no zips kind of puts together like an apron, and the front side buttons at the back, then the back sections wrap round to the front and button with poppers underneath the little pearly buttons i foudn in a charity shop in hereford last weekend..

i am kinda glad it is finally done - it has been cut out and ready to sew together, in my to-do pile for soo long; i decided to tell myself i had to finish it before i could start on some of the more exciting patterns and fabrics i have stacked up..therefore, i did battle with the bias binding, and it came together finally on sunday evening..and it fits, which is always nice considering i did the measurements about 6months ago and am convinced i've put on waay too many lbs since then!
my self-critical nature is thinking the front section looks a little baggy, but i could nip that in..

who knows, it may just feature in an actual outfit post soon..


  1. I wish I had your talent! LOVE it x

  2. Ooh, what an unusual dress! It's fab - well done! God I can totally identify with crafting of any sort being anything but relaxing! You should hear my potty mouth!

  3. It's incredible, Char. The apron style front is absolutely stunning. You are clever. xxx

  4. That really is very beautiful and clever! I will try anything crafty but a dress is a step too far for me, you clever girl you!
    The front looks great the blousy top bit is cool, the way it ties shows off your figure perfectly.
    Kandi x

  5. It's so pretty. Totally unusual style but looks great and as you say fits really well. x

  6. i love how unusual it is !
    very creative !

  7. Is this the dress that's often featured on Crafster? It really suits your figure and the fit seems pretty good. I really must replace my sewing machine.x

  8. @ Anon - i'm not sure i've ever been on Craftster, it's a Simply Vintage pattern..Not sure of the pattern no off-hand but can find it out for you if you wish..

  9. Well you know how much I love it!

    I'm just glad there were no microphones recording us - I was so foul mouthed!

  10. Ooh that dress is gorgeous, well done to you! Bout time I dug out my machine again I think :)