Tuesday, 2 November 2010

today's a winding road that's taking me to places that i didn't want to go..

yet another outfit post - almost up-to-date!
i'd dug this knitted dress out of the wardrobe a little while ago, and decided to wear it at some point..i love the print, but it's shape does mean it requires a belt around it or i end up feeling rather frumpy..i'm not sure about the silver cardi over the top, but had put some sparkly pumps on as well, so figured they'd go ok together - wasn't feeling very inspired, as i wore some new boots to walk to town the other evening and as a result have blisters on the backs of both feet which is annoying :(

looking at the pictures, i'm wondering if a wider belt would have been better, as i think the close-up pic makes the whole outfit look a bit matronly..i'll try somethign a little different next time i wear this dress..


  1. Oh what a dress! Love that print. I think it works well with the thin belt - not matronly at all.

  2. That print is so cute and I think you look lovely, I agree with Alex. It's a very pretty outfit. xxx

  3. You are seriously the queen of prints x

  4. Love this dress - Great print!

    KF x