Thursday, 18 November 2010

we will never be never be anything but loud..

i had a rather nice, relaxed weekend, which made a lovely change..the only thing i actually had to do at any given point was remembrance day parade with my guides unit, and that went fine and all the girls were great in the parade, as well as having a rather good turn-out..i'm sure i was frowned upon as usual for being so relaxed with them, but that's a whole other debate..
so that was fine, and the rest of the weekend was spent doing various crafty things - i made a few cards, cut out pattern pieces and made the majority of a dress from a pattern..
to the right is my outfit for remembrance sunday, i wore a black dress with my horrid leader polo -shirt on top, and a cardi over that, as it was fairly freezing (although luckily no rain)..the purple hat was my accessorize splurge one, and i matched it to the h&m purple scarf, and a pair of poetic licence shoe boots from the irregular choice store in london.. and of course my poppy :)

one thing i have realised from this photo is why i hate buttoned-up cardigans so much; on me, they just seem to ruck up and look frumpy, so i will try to avoid in future..i don't even know what would have made me button it up in the first place - i NEVER button cardi's up!!


  1. You look v. tall in that pic! The tights are amazing and you know of my love for the purple cloche.

  2. I second Laura, love the tights! xxx

  3. You really carry that hat off, I love it! I know why you buttoned that cardie up - it's blooming Freezing everywhere!!
    Kandi x

  4. I third or fourth your tights, they are spectacular. I also love the cloche xx