Tuesday, 23 November 2010

well you must be a girl with shoes like that...

ooh i love that new shoes feeling..who doesn't?!
my collection has grown quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, so i thought i would dedicate a whole post to some of the new recruits...

pair one - irregular choice flat boots with face detail..purchased from ebay last week; i already own this pair in a different colour (white and red) which have always proved nice and comfy for a day's wear shopping etc, so when i spotted this pair the other week, i decided they were a must for the present weather..
i'm thinking they will go rather nicely with a pair of tights or leggings and a dress with some pinky details..which shouldn't be hard to find in my wardrobe!

pair number two - turquoise poodle print heels, irregular choice..
again, i do have this pair in another colour, or two, already - black and pink versions are already in my shoe storage boxes..i have to admit, that for such a die-hard IC fanatic, i am definitely a much greater fan of the original, and more classic styles..whiilst there are always a few pairs from each of the seasons which i think are ok, i can't get enough of the pairs from years ago, with their classic shapes and quirky prints..there's always space in my collection for one of the classics!

pair number three - a slight step away from ICs for a second; this is a pair of topshop suede shoe-boots which i loved ever since seeing them on the website when they came out..i tracked them down and tried them on in-store on a shopping trip to liverpool, and just wasn't *quite* taken enough to justify the £100 price when i saw a pair, in the correct size, with no bids on them and two days to go, i had to stick them on the watching list on ebay, and was quite happy when i managed to bag them for a fairly bargainous amount..they have arrived, and are a fair bit more scuffed than it said in the description, but i think i'll keep them nonetheless as i think the lace details will look rather nice with a delicate dress just in time for the party season!! :)

 have you bought anything recently which you are really excited about??


  1. Those topshop boots are AMAZING.

  2. The first two pairs are lovely but the Toppers ones are breaking my heart, they are so cute. They never got to my TopShop. What a find, whatever you paid was worth it. xxx

  3. Oh I am glad you tracked down the Topshop boots. They really are something special.

  4. The shoe boots are just beautiful. And as you say what a perfect time of year for them. You're even more glam (if it's possible). x