Monday, 1 November 2010

what's it feel like to be a ghost..?

hmm, a bit of a halloweeny post is called for i think..i do like halloween, even though i don't often do anything for it! the last few yrs i've been working on the actual evening, so have missed out on parties etc, so decided to definitely do something this year for a change! i toyed with the idea of having a party at mine, but my most reliable friends all live in wales, so we decided to have one there instead, as then i'm the only one who had to travel..therefore, on friday i drove up to wales, spent the evening and saturday with my family..the daytime outfit was my lovely michael miller-esque halloween print skirt, and a rusty-coloured tshirt from h&m with lace shoulder detail, and this brilliant orange pom pom scarf i found in my wardrobe in wales :) we went out for breakfast in conwy, and then had a wander round the retail park, and giant new toyshop in llandudno, although i managed to refrain from purchasing anything!!

then, saturday afternoon was spent in the kitchen with my mum, both of us trying to figure out how best to replicate the makeup i'd seen online..i purchased the zips for 60p each from one of the fabric shops in town, and used my boots points to purchase some red Barry M dazzle dust (which i've used a little of, but doubt i'll use again, so if anyone wants it, let me know..) and some eyelash glue, and just trimmed and attached the zips with the glue..very cheap and easy halloween makeup, and as for the rest of the outfit, i just wore a topshop tshirt dress i bought last year (which is just about seen in the pic) and my new matalan black studded boots, which are my shoe purchase of the month (!)

i really love the pic at the top of the post, one of my friends from the party has an app on his phone which means you can mess with the colours of a photo, and he made us all monochrome except for a little of the blood-red detail..i hope everyone else had a nice halloween weekend :)


  1. Oh you know my thoughts on the zip makeup already but I LOVE IT! So effective and creepy!

    The daytime skirt is gorgeous. Do you wear it more than once a year though? I'm never sure about the protocol of wearing event themed things on other days...

  2. those boots are too fabulous for words x

  3. The makeup is fabulous, that zip is inspired! xxx

  4. I love those boots! And your makeup too you little makeup artist you. Cute indeed. Come visit me too soon.


  5. Amazing! I was going to do the eye one, it's so gross!