Thursday, 25 November 2010

when sober girls around me they be actin' like they drunk...

ok, as i haven't turned out as organised as i had hoped this week, and have forgotten my camera lead, the new dress and outfit posts will have to wait until instead i have a bit of a discussion point, which i will try and refrain from making boring reading..

i know this might sound odd, but i get a lot of suprised reactions when people discover i don't drink all..this is something which people, quite frankly, seem shocked by, and i just wondered if there was anyone else in the same situation..and why it would be such a shocking concept..

i don't mean i don't go out with friends, to bars or clubs; i do (if infrequently)..i just choose not to drink..i've never really enjoyed drinking, even during uni where it is seen as the "done thing" to go out and get 'hammered', and in recent years i've been limited to not drinking at different times as a result of being on different ongoing medications, and with it never having been something i enjoyed that much anyway, it's not been somethign i had any issue cutting out..

i guess my point is the general public perception - sometimes i can end up feeling really awkward when i'm out with people i don't know very well, as if i say "no thanks" to an offer of a glass of wine, some people just don't like to take no for an answer - how many times i've heard "you can only have a coke if it has something else in it.."; i've lost count..and if it's an occasion when i'm with friends of friends, or people i don't know that well, that can it even more awkward to try and go into details of why i can't drink alcohol etc..

i just feel like i'm put under a lot of pressure sometimes, by some more than others, to justify why i don't drink..and i don't understand why that is the case, surely it's someones choice and that should be the end of it..does the fact that i don't drink mean i shouldnt' be off out to clubs dancing, or catching up with a friend in a bar? it doesn't stop me having fun, but people act as though it does / should..

sorry that this post has got a little ranty - i didn't intend it too, but with xmas outings coming up, it's something which plays on my mind recently, so i wanted to invite any other opinions or thoughts..


  1. I know what you mean I don't drink alcohol either and have felt like this many times x

  2. I am sooo with you.
    I've always enjoyed a drink but since being pregnanct obviously i've not had any and people act like not having a drink is the weirdest thing in the world. I still want to go ut and have a dance and a good time with my friends, i don't need to drink to have fun. I think drinking is just really ingrained in our culture.
    It also annoys me that to buy a soft drink in alot of clubs/bars costs more then to buy alcohol.

    Rant over! x

  3. I get that. I used to be a BIG drinker and now I rarely, if ever bother, maybe 1 small drink on a very special ocassion. People are always shocked when I order soft drinks or decline the offer of wine.

    Meh. Like you say, alcohol isn't the only way to have fun x

  4. I totally 'get' this post. I dont drink either, just because i dont want to, and when i met another person who just didnt like the taste they got really weird with me as if i stole her 'thing'.
    Try not to let it bother you, it is crazy though.

  5. It's such a weird societal concept isn't it? I can have a great time without drinking so I'd never criticise anyone for not drinking - it's just a choice, not some sort of bizarre thing. I'll never understand why people are so judgemental about it in a way that they'd never be about smoking or food or something similar.

  6. I used to be a non drinker - and almost had rows about it sometimes... people used to say - oh I want you to enjoy urself - I have never needed a drink to have a good time - and hav had better nights when sober!!

    It's one of my fave rants to have - along with when people say if cant hav a drink I won't go.... WTF!!! Get a grip people!!!!

    ok - rant over - for now - hehehe xx

  7. I know exactly what you are talking about. I do drink but will quite often not be able to due to my back mediciation and it usually gets a real fuss. I just ignore it though! x

  8. I admire you for knowing your own mind and making your own choices, despite all the peer pressure. xx