Saturday, 13 November 2010

you talk like a fish - in nonsensical bubbles..

well, i thought about doing a pre-christmas wish list, but then most of the things i was going to include are now sold out, so i will do something else..
this is the pair of shoes that i have practically lived in most of the week, for two reasons, - they've vaguely gone with most of the things i have worn this week, and two - i've been feeling both really uninspired, and really under the weather with a cold for most of the week, so not been giving a lot of thought to very much outside work!

 my thursday outfit is pictured to the right; a mustard / purple floral dress which i'd actually pretty much forgotten i owned, originally from dorothy perkins, although i have the feeling i may have bagged it from ebay at some point..i can't really remember..
i teamed it simply with the new look heels, and this brown coat, purchased from a vintage store we found in Ludlow a couple of yrs ago, which was closing down at the time and therefore had some utter bargains - I have very rarely worn it (if ever), and the weather this week, added to my fragile state, have totally called for furry coats to snuggle into!!

my friday outfit : same shoes, different coat..
the faux fur one was picked up in the tk maxx in the high street in manchester, again several yrs ago even though it is fairly over-sized on me..i do actually quite like the fact that it has a big snuggly hood as well, totally perfect for the cold weather!

the topshop top has been frustrating me; i don't usually wear jumper-type tops, as i always seem to get too warm during the day, so much prefer a cardigan to layer which i can then remove as / when necessary, but having decided to wear this skirt (mainly because i haven't factored any time in for my own ironing recently, and it doesn't require any!) the only thing i could find in the wardrobe shelves which would kind of go with it was this pink top..and then i wondered why i hadn't worn it for ages, but by lunchtime i had remembered, because it's really not that flattering!

the beads were a charity shop find, and i kinda threw them on in a hurry as i was leaving, but i like them as they are nice cheerful colours, and go rather well with the skirt, which i have had for years, and originally came from a "boutique" range which new look ran a few years back (for few, read six or seven!!)

i have got some new shoes (well, new to me) this week, so hopefully won't spend the next week just wearing the same pair!


  1. LOVE those shoes, you need to teach me to walk in heels again.

  2. I love the shoes too, I would be crippled in them though, can't believe you wore them all week fab!
    Kandi x

  3. I swear you have feet of steel! Are they the New Look ones? I could barely totter in the black pair so I don't know how you coped for a week in those!

  4. hey my dear sorry for the late reply to your msg. no my photos arent professionally taken ( but that made my day you thinking that!) they were just taken by my bf using my dslr camera in black and white against my hall wall. I think cos they were taken in black and white they look more prof. :) xo

  5. Ohhh those shoes are stunning. That first dress is beautiful too x

  6. I wish I could walk in heels!! Those shoes are beautiful!