Sunday, 12 December 2010

and we all know what happens when we get to your house..

a bit of a crafting session a little while ago, lead to me making, and turning various older makes into brooches, in order that i can send some with xmas presents etc.
i'm not sure where the hearts idea came from, but i have so many jars of buttons at the moment that i figured i should really do something with them, so inspired by some of the corsages and brooches in the high street stores which have a totally homemade feel to them, i had a go..i purchased 100 brooch-backs a little while ago from ebay, and am steadily getting through them..and i am finally doing somehting with all the "spare" buttons that seem to come with anything i buy - they all get taken out and put in the jar!! whcih i guess could be a problem if i then lost a button off something i wanted to open to suggestions for any other things i could make into brooches...


  1. Ah these are so pretty - I'm especially loving the party ring one, makes me want biscuits haha! :)

  2. Those are delightful! If you get some felt you can make endless things with felt, anything you can think of. Can you knit or crochet a little, you come make simple flowers. Or cut up some old necklaces or grab some from Primark and re-string the beads into interesting shapes and make them into brooches. Well impressed at your craftyness!
    Kandi x

  3. The party ring one is an absolute joy but the birdy is so cute! I must take my green one off the summer jacket and get it on one of the winter coats.

  4. My Mum and I still wear our birdies! I'm craving party rings now!

  5. They are all fab Char! I'm still in love with my little birdie and it always gets compliments when I wear it. The party ring one is so cool. x