Saturday, 11 December 2010

for all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took..

 last weekend i went to birmingham to do a bit of shopping..
after making my escape (see last post if you are unsure what i mean!) my somewhat aimless wanderings took me to the outdoor market, where there was a stall with homemade jewellery and knitted headbands - i totally bought a bright blue one, which i haven't yet worn, but will picture when i do, but that wasn't the point - the girls on the stall and i got chatting about clothes, my outfit, and vintage shopping..they gave me directions to the COW vintage store, which wasn't very far, and i went down there with the skeptical expectation of expensive charity-shop-fodder, as has been my main gripe with so many "vintage" shops in the past..boy, was i mistaken!! my phone was dying so i didn't manage to get any sneaky pics of the inside of the store, but if you are ever in bham it is totally worth a rummage - there were rails and rails of chunky knitwear, just like in the high street at present, ooodles of dresses, and a whole accessories section at the back!! and in the entire place i didn't see one dress over £14!! bargains to be had, here..i limited myself to one top, and three dresses, which took some choosing! this is the first of the dresses..

it's come out as looking quite turquoise in the photos, and i think it's more green in real life, it certainly didn't look as different to the shade of the shoes as it does here..the dress cost a bargainous £14 from cow vintage, who i can't find a website link for but they do have a blog, which they keep here..
to add to the dress, i wore this pair of irregular choice 'apres ski' heels; i love the knitted alpine effect, and the bows with the chunky heels..they make me think of skiing..which is somethign i am currently trying to plan..i've never been, but have always wanted a skiing holiday, so if anyone has been anywhere, and has any suggestions, please let me know!!


  1. god, that dress is a beautiful colour!

  2. Oooh! Ok I'm not usually fussed on Irregular Choice but I am LOVING those shoes! Gotta go find some now :)

  3. That's great that it was very reasonably priced. That is my bug bear with vintage shops too, the prices can be ridiculous. Pretty dress and super cute alpine shoes. Hope you are managing to relax a little this weekend. x

  4. I want those shoes in a size 6! I do love my red and blue pair but you know my love for green.

    I really liked Cow Vintage when I went but my shopping buddy is not really a vintage girl so was looking v. bored which doesn't exactly encourage browsing :(