Friday, 10 December 2010

glass half empty, glass half full, i'd say you've got some catching up to do..

after the miserable end to my week, what better way to cheer it up than to head to the bullring, bright and early on a saturday morning in the run-up to xmas..i'm a fairly impatient person at the best of times when it comes to queues and crowds, and pushing and shoving, so something tells me my emotional state meant i didn't really think this through..but still..
i dug this dress out of the wardrobe, and was rather pleased as last time i wore it, it was waaay too tight to wear - vintage laura ashley in a size smaller than i really should have gone for, but i loved it so much i couldn't resist a sneaky bid!
i'm really glad it fits quite well (still could do with a little more weight-loss, but as i've not really been making a conscious effort, and haven't been gymming as much as i'd ideally like to of late, i'm kinda chuffed!)

i am absolutely loving mustard tones recently - someone was blogging about getting bored of the same colours over and over again recently, but i actually can't get enough of mustards, and rusty oranges / browns this autumn, so when i pulled out the dress, i figured i had to go for this beret (charity shop), and the orange scarf (peacocks sale a couple of winters ago)..
i really hate this cardigan..i think i've said that before, but then every time i get anywhere close to throwing it into the charity bag, i wear it and think "hey, it's not too bad", but the shape does nothing for my figure, it's the wrong length and the tie makes me feel super frumpy :( i think it has to go!
i guess that with the thumbs up re: the dress, and then the thumbs down re: manky cardi, it's a fairly neutral outfit..also, i have to admit, i felt like a total skank; i wore flat pixie boots due to the weather, and i feel like i'm really missing my heels - i never go shopping in flats :(

i coincided my xmas shopping to that day for another reason too; one of my friends was having a bday shopping trip to the bullring that day anyway, so had asked me to go along..i said i'd meet them there, as i kinda hate trains, so i was all parked in the multi-storey by 9.15, and met them about half 10, after having done a little of my shopping..mental note: in future, make a list prior to going shopping of who to buy for, and what.. as i was having a total issue trying to rack my brains with what to get certain people! and my memory and general concentration levels have been so bad of late due to my meds, that i kept thinking of things, then getting to the store and forgetting..i know i'll have to do some more before xmas, but i think i am getting there at least..

anyway, i digress..i met my friend, and she had two friends with you ever have that feeling when you meet someone and know you are never, in a million years, going to be shopping-compatible!? i think it was at the point that we went past the adidas store and one of them asked if we could go in on our way back past, that i started planning how to 'lose' them..harsh? probably. but as i'm sure was clear, i wasn't exactly in my best of moods last week!! i escaped, and later on found the amazing COW VINTAGE store..more to come from there in the next post..


  1. Ahaha oh I have some friends who I just cannot shop with at all.

    I love that dress, just gorgeous.

  2. Yay for fitting into your dress! You look fab. Love the oranges and yellows together. Mustard colours are fab, I have shoes and a bag which I'll need to dig out.

    UGH the Adidas shop!?! Definitely ditch worthy. hehe!


  3. Love that dress, v pretty fabric. I never go shopping with anyone now (cept sometimes my mum...cause she buys me stuff!), its just so much easier to march along at my own pace :)

  4. The Adidas shop would only be tolerable if buying trainers or actual workout clothes and even then, I wouldn't exactly enjoy it. As for buying proper clothes from there, no. Just no.

    That's such a gorgeous dress. Autumnal tones are a big favourite with me at the moment but I think it's quite unusual to find them in a floral print.