Wednesday, 22 December 2010

i gave the world away for you..

another outfit from my last trip to wales, i found this bluey grey dress which i found in a local boutique in my town - love the ruffles and the number of different fabrics and trimmings, tulle net, lace, pom kind of reminds me of a fairy dress, with the tulle layer underneath, and it never fails to cheer me up when i wear it!

i also found this pair of leopard print tights in the drawer in my room there..they are a kind of grey background, and i think they came from primark originally, but i have had them a few yrs now! i thought they went pretty well with the colour of the dress, and also added to it the satin handbag, which was £6 last time i went to the local next clearance store, and this blue swing coat from the river island sale several yrs ago..
last of all, the fox print knitted scarf was a purchase from the liverpool h&m amonth or so ago, and i added it because i liked it, even though it doesn't rly go with the rest of the's nice and long and snug though!

i'm so not organised for xmas yet, i have so much more to do, and seem to be finding little or no time for any of it :(


  1. That is such a pretty dress. I love the detailing at the bottom.

  2. I LOVE that dress! Your parcel arrived this morning! Thank you (have opened the chocolate, YUM) and the other is under the tree :) xox

  3. Another gorgeous dress lady and those tights are amazing.

    Don't sweat about christmas please, it's just one day xxx

  4. Ooh gorgeous dress - I'm starting to think your wardrobe must be one of the best places ever! Plus any dress with pompoms must be good! :)

  5. What Roo said! Don't stress too much hun.