Tuesday, 21 December 2010

if i talk in my sleep will you just keep trying..?

another outfit post from a weekend in wales recently, sorry for the fairly bad pictures, the flash has been playing up on my gradually dying camera so i wasn't able to get any decent detail in the pics :(

one of the best things about a weekend in wales is the fact that i have a full wardrobe there to choose from !! :)

i bought this dress from the dorothy perkins sale last time i was in llandudno, but then left it in the wardrobe, to be discovered when i was there last's a size too big, and that really shows so it will need to be taken home and taken in at some point..but i put a cardi over it and this scarf, and it didn't exactly show..the photo doesn't show my "oxblood" coloured winter knit tights very well either - think i am recently obsessed with wooly tights :) these are from peacocks and so good that i have now got a pair in all the colours they had available!!


  1. Aww, so snuggly - love the scarf and slippers! x

  2. I love your scarf, such a gorgeous colour

  3. Oh I remember eyeing that dress up in DP - at least I think it was the same one. It suits you!