Friday, 17 December 2010

i'm doing nothing, cos then at least i'm doing nothing wrong..

oh wow, these are some pretty awful photos :(

i'm having real trouble sleeping recently, and have been prescribed some hugely powerful sleeping tabs, which combined with my usual meds for other things, are meaning that i'm totally knocked out and sleeping through any alarms etc in the mornings (i have several set) and am therefore ending up with no time to do anything other than throw on some clothes and then rush out of the door..which means i'm not exactly looking my best at any point recently, my hair is a mess, i have the concentration levels and memory span of a goldfish, my skin is disgusting, i feel tired, headachey and frustrated that i'm not having enough time to do anything :( as well as being concerend at the fact that i seem to be giving boots pharmacy a run for their money as far as sheer quantity of tablets seem to be concerned, which can't be good for me in the long run, i'm sure :(

at the moment, i would pretty much like to vote to cancel christmas, or at least have another week or so to prepare - or maybe a week off the office to prepare..sadly that won't be happening as i have too much to do, so i'm going to have to try and fit all the remanining tasks into the next few days!! i still haven't posted anything i was supposed to yet, let alone even started wrapping / labelling those presents i am giving out in person..and i'm not sure i have an evening free between now and the big day so how i'm goign to get it all done i'm not sure...waaah.

as for outfit: i don't like it, i feel like a waitress as well as down about the fact i feel like a mess ..
the black dress hasn't photographed too well, it's a satin feel, with lace neckline detail, and was £5.99 from newlife on my last visit there, bought in case i decided to go for any bar jobs over the holidays, which i haven't had time to arrange :(

the blouse was found in new look by little sis last weekend, and she persuaded me to use my vouchers on it..i do like this, the pocket detail, the print, and the tie..but i think i would have liked the effect better over a dress of another plain colour..

i've worn some dull and un-photo-worthy sparkly flat pumps from tesco, since i wore heels all day yday and my feet are suffering from it, meeting at 7.30am, then a day in the office, then a 5-8.30 shift in my friend's shop, and a long walk back to the car..ugh! i also forgot to take an outfit photo from it, and the xmas party the evening before, when i kind of ruined my topshop lace shoe boots :(


  1. I was looking at that blouse yesterday, can't get enough of bird prints these days!

    Hope you feel better soon - another vote for cancelling Christmas here :(

  2. I love the print on the blouse its so pretty.
    I hope things get better soon, its horrible when you have to take loads of tablets xx

  3. I love that blouse. I've just been started on some super strength sleep meds too, gah...I can function even less than when I wasn't sleeping! x

  4. Very pretty blouse!

    Sorry you are still feeling so awful. I hope things improve for you.

    Big hugs

  5. Aw honey, I hope you start to feel better soon. Hopefully those you love will just be glad to see you for Xmas and won't care whether present are wrapped and whatnot. Just concentrate on chilling at Xmas and enjoying people's company. All the best to you xxx

  6. Well you've made a start with posting stuff - my present arrived yesterday, woohoo!! You've got till Tuesday for that anyway.

    As for the family stuff, can you squeeze an hour on Christmas Eve to get it done? Or just buy some big gift bags and put it all in there?

    Hope you get some time off to rest and relax soon hun. You sound like you need a rest.