Thursday, 23 December 2010

maybe i'll give the girl a hand & a microphone..

this skirt is one of my newest ebay bargains - i used ti gave a prom dress in the same print from topshop a few yrs ago, but as it was bought a size too small, i sold it earlier in the year in a fit of self-conscious hatred of the way it looked..

please excuse the fact that my hair is a giant frizzy mess also, i think i need to pay it some more attention asap! it's not the only thing i need to pay more attention to..i haven't finsihed anywhere near all of the things i had been meaning to by this point - btw, xmas eve is tomorrow apparently!!

anyway, i added a black tee and this mint green shrug, new look - yrs ago, to the skirt, and a pair of irregular choice black heels with white polka dots on them, which didn't make it into the photo..i did change the heels for my wellies when i got home as i still had some errands to run...


  1. You look so cute, i love the skirts print xx

  2. What a gorgeous outfit. I really do love that skirt.

  3. Ooh gorgeous print, I've been looking for a skirt in this shape for ages, finally just bought some sewing patterns! (also off eBay - what can't that website produce?!) :)