Monday, 6 December 2010

on a scale of one to ten, let's pretend, life's a six or seven..

first of all, thank you to everyone for the kind comments and emails i received after my last post..i think i was letting everything get on top of me, and letting things get me down which, on their own, wouldn't seem that bad..

today's a new week..and i have a lot of outfit photos to catch me up on, and apologies as they are not llikely to be posted in any particular order (am i the only person who takes the photos and then falls behind with posting them?! is it breaking some kind of blog rule to post a daily outfit when it was not actually that day's outfit?!)'s outfit post was worn yesterday, and purchased on saturday whilst i was xmas shopping in birmingham (i decided to get out of the house in order to get away from the 'moping-around, feeling-down' weeekend which i am sure would have happened otherwise!

the squirrel jumper is from h&m - i don't know how new it is, i only saw this one in the entire store - and i totally fell for it, hence wanting to wear it asap!! i'm kinda liking all the 'picture' jumpers around recently (for want of a better description!) all of my friends who have seen it so far have commented on the furry tail, but i actually like that!!

as for the shorts..i recently totally fell in lust with this river island much so that i tried them on and everything (a big deal for me haha as i never try things on!), but as i figured that the shorts 'thing' was a passing phase, which i was sure i'd be over fairly soon, i thought i'd try and find a cheaper but similar pair somewhere - so decided to give these jersey-types ones from primark a go at £10!!i'm not sure if the photos show so well, but they are brownish with little polka dots, and i think they go rather well with the jumper; i didn't have a lot of choice anyway as i stayed at my dad's house on sat eve as a rather impromptu visit, so it was lucky i had got these things during my shopping trip!!

and i had purchased a couple of pairs of tights too, i'm really liking wooley tights at the moment, which i had planned to get mum to wrap up for me for xmas, but i just gave her the other pair, and kept these bottle green ones from dotty p's out to wear yesterday! i felt a little self-conscious in the shorts, but i was only spending the day with my best friends in wales, so it wasn't too bad..


  1. I missed your last post and just read it back! Hope you are feeling bit more positive now, I bet the shopping helped a little bit. That jumper is cute as can be, hugs to you!
    Kandi x

  2. oh my i love your jumper!! :) xo

  3. The tail definitely looks less scary in these photos!

    I was saddened by the lack of choice for fun Christmassy tights today :( River Island was the only place that had any and I do baulk at paying £9 for a pair of tights!!