Wednesday, 8 December 2010

so a snowflake fell and it felt like a kiss..

ok, so this is probably the only proper outfit i wore over the weekend before last *that's how behind i am with some of my outfit posts!*, as i stayed home for the majority of it, and lounged around in various layers of pjs and cardigans..

but i did pop out with the parents as they were off to pick up some things from toys r us, and they stopped to pick me up on the way, so i had about 5mins notice to throw somehting on to face the snowy weather outside!

the floral dress is a strapless prom style one i picked up in BOTH it's colour combinations in h&m a coupleo f yrs back..i love them both, they fit lovely and aren't at all uncomfortable like strapless frocks sometimes can be..

the leggings have a bit of a pointelle effect, and a little sparkle to them, which is what drew me towards them on the topshop sale rail on my last trip to liverpool..they're nice and warm too, although here i think i was wearing them as an additional layer over a regular pair of tights!

as for this top; do you ever have an item which you like in the shop, but then are not so sure when you get it home and try it on..? i first bought it on a trip to liverpool in about april this year..
and then wasn't all that sure about the way it looked on, so took it back..
but then, having returned it, i kept thinking i liked it when i saw it in store, so ummed and ahhed until it was down in the sale, when the only size left on the website was a good few dress sizes bigger than i am..i bought it anyway, and figured as it's supposed to be slouchy and oversized, it may not matter..and i have worn it a few times, usually thrown over a dress since it's quite cropped, and usually tuck it under a waist belt to cinch it in just a little, and try to give the outfit a little more waist shape..i think it looks ok with the colours of this dress..and i threw the gold sequin scarf over the top as i was leaving the house, as well as a fur coat and a pair of plum-coloured primark pixie boots..


  1. I love how you've styled this outfit xox

  2. Ok, I'm just loving the print on your skirt!!!


  3. Yup, the print on your dress is lurvley! x

  4. The dress is super cute! And, I too am drawn to all things sparkly so the leggings sound like a very sensible idea!

  5. Lovely outfit Char. The print on the dress it fab and thats a cool way to cover up from the cold when wearing a strapless dress.

    Glad you had a chilled out weekend. x