Wednesday, 1 December 2010

there's a little bit of devil in me i confess..

i was in town a couple of weeks ago with my mum, and popped into the shop my friend owns..whilst we were in there she said she was considering opening some evenings for 'late night xmas shopping' in the next few weeks and would i be interested in working a few evenings for her? i think it's my favourite shop in town for little gifts, as well as the fact that she is my friend, so of course i said yes without hesitation..i've been giving some consideration to picking up a second job for a little while now, but wasn't really sure what to go for..with my guides unit meaning that i am not available for at least one evening a week already, a bar job
could take up my whole spare time and leave me no time free to see friends on weekends..

so i was rather pleased with this idea, it's likely to be one evening a week whilst late night shopping is on, and then a day at the weekend as and when needed..and i know the staff already, and they are all v friendly..perfect!

as i knew i'd be on my feet for a few hours the other day when i went in to learn the ropes, i opted for this pair of irregular choice boots, which i won recently on ebay as they are nice and flat..i went for the outfit rosebud print cardi as it's a nice thick knit, and a green tee and black velvet skirt, which were both primark purchases earlier in the year..



  1. I think I need to pay this shop a visit. It sounds like she sells some lovely stuff.

  2. That sounds very exciting and something you'd be brilliant at. xxx

  3. I wish I lived nearer so I could pop in! LOVE your skirt. I'm mad for velvet right now.

  4. love your cardigan, you are too cute!♥

  5. Sounds perfect for you. So much easier being somewhere you like yourself. x