Thursday, 2 December 2010

when i'm around you i'm predeictable..

anyone who knows me will know that i'm always too warm..
if i don't leave the window open i wake up in the middle of the night being too warm - even in the current weather / temperature..i wonder if i'm just more warm-blooded than most people, but i just can't stand to be too warm! ever since being a teen, i've opted to leave the house without a coat on so many occasions, much to my mum's despair..

i have just about started wearing a coat to go out, in the past couple of weeks, but i still don't have the heating on, either at home or in my office, otherwise i get too warm..
am  i just weird?!

this outfit is my version of layering up (don't worry, mum, i did add a coat before i left the house as well!)

this skirt was a £2.99 bargain from ebay last week and it turned up rather quickly - i was expecting it to be thicker fabric, but it's a nice cotton and i do like the watercolour-effect print, so i tried to team it with colours it would lend itself to for my outfit..

  as i was off for an evening at guides, and there was still a fair amount of snow outside, i opted for a flat pair of boots..and some grey woolen tights to keep my toes warm..

i then layered a boring green tee-shirt with this oversized lace top which i saw in primark, and had to have, but hadn't given any thought to the reason why..i've had trouble with finding something to add this to in the past - i don't even think it has ever made it to an outfit post - it's too long for most things, hence how i have turned it under the edge of the top here, but it maybe works alright with the tie of the cardigan being there to cinch it in..

the apple pendant is a topshop one and always makes me think of fairytales and snow white when i wear it, so felt it was quite fitting for the snow outside :)


  1. That skirt is lovely! what a good find :)

  2. Haha, I think it's a permanent feature of motherhood that you want to put coats on people.

    Love that new skirt. What a great bargain.

  3. Oh that necklace is very fairytale like!

    I wish I was always too warm! I sometimes get a day where I'm too hot but otherwise I am a cold blooded soul x

  4. Lovely skirt, very pretty colours.

    Can't believe you don't have heating on. I feel like mine is never off right now. it was -14 last night though so I feel it is warranted. x