Monday, 31 January 2011

next time you point a finger, i'll point you to the mirror..

on friday lunchtime i popped into the sewing shop before heading off to my appointment in the afternoon, solely to pick up a zip and a metre of tulle to line the polka dot dress i made a couple of weeks i walked in, i spotted this print of fabric, and i couldn't leave it there! so, ever the queen of last minute, i decided i would make it into a dress on the same style as last time, and wear it it for my saturday shopping the time i got it all cut out it was probably 8pm so i was sewing rather late..but it was done, and wearable for saturday morning, when i added this red hat from xmas, and a crochet shrug cardigan from primark and headed off to liverpool to meet alex and one of her friends..we spent a lovely day shopping (vintage, fabric, and general) and then had our tea in a brilliant 50s style retro american diner - i took a few sneaky phone pics but not that many..all in all a fabulous day, and i will have lots of new clothes to show over the next few weeks of posts ;)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

please don't mind what i'm trying to say because i'm, i'm being honest..

quick outfit catch-up post..this dress was from tesco, and i like it although find it's too short to be comfortably worn with i wore some black glitter pumps which make me feel like a clown-footed fool..
along with wooly green tights, and a black cardi..

Saturday, 29 January 2011

she lives in a fairytale, somewhere too close for us to find..

i painted this with glass paints at a recent weekend away with my friends' rangers unit..i really love how it turrned out, and the fact that i drew the outlines frreehand and they did turn out as anticipated! i'm not sure what to keep in it yet..

Friday, 28 January 2011

i didn't mean to bring you down. I guess i'll see you around

today;s outfit, primark dress £9
zara sale scarf, £7
irregular choice duck charm shoe boots, £12 via ebay
new look sale cardi £12

v cheap outfit by my standards..have a nice weekend all, sorry for lack of text i am not feeling great today, but hopefully appt this afternoon will help in the long run :S

Thursday, 27 January 2011

when every little thing you own is looking back at you..

today felt like a hat day..well, i saw this apple print sleeveless blouse in new look at the weekend and couldn't resist a quirky print, alond with pretty covered buttons and a peter pan collar (my sole nod to the peter pan collar trend of late!) but having tried it on, i realise i maybe should have bought a size smaller as it's a bit i had the grand idea of tying the bottom..but that meant it finishes a bit too short for a skirt, as i'm not exactly in the midriff-bearing class of i put it over this rather plain black strapless dress, and figured i would add the hat as i love the colour, which rather matches the colour of the blouse..
as for the shoes, i have this style in all the available colours, and shamefully hardly ever wear them! i love the turquoise shade of these, and the archtetypal mushroom toe of the early irregular choice shoes..and the contrast between the base colour and the white stitching only gripe would be that i would prefer them a little higher..

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

the dream maker's gonna make you mad..

i have been busy with the sewing machine in any spare time i find myself with recently! i have made pyjamas both for myself, my sisters and some friends - my favourite patterns have been the dino and the monster ones so far, and i rather love this green fabric with stars and lion prints on..
i made some matching sleep masks, because when i was trying to think of things to add to the prize pot for the giveaway, i saw a sleep mask in one of the shops, and decided i could make i drew around a massisve pair of sunglasses to make a basic shape, and then cut out, sewed, turned right way out, stuffed and sewed together with the elasticated strap in..they seemed to turn out ok and only took about 15mins each.. 

as for the vampires..we have had a change-around of the patrols in my guides unit recently, so i gave the girls the option of choosing what patrol names they would like to be..three of the groups chose from the standard GGuk emblems, but there's nothing that says they have to, so the fourth patrol decided they would like to be Vampires..which meant a frantic thought of how to make a vampire badge..after a few image searches for cartoon vampires (as i didn't fancy trying to make a felt representation of R-patz x5!!) i spent my sunday afternoon at a friend's house, cutting out bits of paper to make a pattern, and cutting out everything x5 and sewing together..
the girls got them on monday and all seem to love them, and everyone was quite convinced they look like vampires, so that was my main worry overcome- i'm quite pleased with them :)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

don’t you wanna take a joyride on my tandem..

 one of the cold days around new year saw me cycle into town to have a little look at the sales / return some library books..
i wore this vintage jumpsuit, which i really ought to take in at the sides a little as it currently is rather reminiscent of a pair of pjs..underneath a pair of wooly tights, with a cardi and a coat over the top, and some silver sequin converse trainers, for pedalling!

Monday, 24 January 2011

this is the night when every heart's exploding..

ok, so over the past couple of weeks i may have worn this river island cardigan a little bit too excess - here are three outfits it was thrown over..

1. (top left) cotton floral print dress, the first dress i ever made for myself; the result of an evening course of dressmaking lessons, which i thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend!! and some taupe suede chunky heels with patent criss-cross straps, from ASOS sale yrs ago..

2. (right) cream lace dress, primark..aforementioned cardigan, and watering can/ flowers brooch from the miss selfridge sale..worn with boring ballet pumps as the dress is otherwise a little too short..

3. (bottom right) topshop skirt, via ebay, with cat print..striped black and white vest, h&m, floral scarf - £1.99 from new life centre! and long strands of blue metallic beads, primark..

i think this cardi needs a rest. as does my brain, sorry for the lack of excitingness in today's post.

winner of giveaway - Lucy from Tete en l'Air..will email you now for your address  - thank you very much to everyone who took the time to enter :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

i was hoping that i could leave this star-crossed world behind..

i must point out that i have somehow managed to be super-restrained in the january sales! i think it's because, quite frankly, they were mainly full of the trashy dregs by the time i got to them, and there are a lot of things on the wishlist which i am waiting to hit the stores, so i am saving myself! but i did pick up the above few bits from the new look sale a couple of weeks back - the yellow dress is one i have got in a pale blue colour, very cute and perfect for summer, and as this was an entire £2 i didn't think it would be sane to leave it behind! the blue cardi is a fairly basic one in the long length i tend to favour recently, in a denimy-blue with buttons detailed partway up the back and sleeves..
and the mustard crochet shrug was not a sale purchase, but something i put on my xmas list, and then put some of my xmas money towards, but having worn it once, i'm not as taken with it as i first anticipated, which is quite a's a colour i really like, but there's just a part of me that worries it's more frump than fab..
i have always said, despite seeing so much about them on other blogs recently, that i'm not a regular customer of next - i find that on the rare occasion where i see something i like in their stores, so does everyone else in the town / everywhere you go! so i tend to steer clear, unless i have a particularly dull lunch hour which needs filling, as there is one on the retail park near where i work..
i was drawn to this skirt for it's similarity to the one i tried on in forever21, but this one isn't floor-length; rather it's that 'midi' length that seems to be hitting the shelves at the's a plain shade of dove grey, but is made up of a couple of layers of tulle over the base layer, so isn't too plain, and it was down to £12 in the sale; now i just have to figure out a way to style it..

Friday, 21 January 2011

she's got me dancing and it's always one step behind..

this is one of the xmas presents i neglected to mention in the last post, but having tried it out, i decided i needed to dedicate a post of it's own.

this is the babyliss beliss 2x hair dryer, which has ceramic coated straightening 'teeth' as part of the hairdryer, meaning that it straightens as it dries - which, for me, means that i no longer try to use my straighteners as a hairdrying solution (which usually results in my causing a lot of steam as i try to straighten wet hair, which i assume is not good, and probably the reason my hair is such a state!)

it's quite a heavy, chunky thing with the straightening attachment (which is removable and can be switched for a regular hairdryer attachment, which comes with it, but the straightening attachment is adjustable so that youcan choose the most appropriate angle for doing all sections of the hair, and there is an adjustable tension setting to suit, also, which i found very useful..

i really would recommend this; i'm happy to state that it has a great straightening effect - ok, so it doesn't leave hair poker-straight at all, but it seems to end up relatively straight and with a nice shiny finish to it, which i think is great from the 5mins or so it takes to dry my hair with it!! has anyone else tried this?!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

hide the truth from my eyes..

i really love this pair of shoes! i couldn't wait to wear them, and then, inpspired (or not) by a few early morning appointments last week, i decided that i could team them up with my river island sale-buy body, and the forever21 skirt..
the body is nice, i like the stripes, but it felt a bit of an odd cut, and made me a little self-conscious which was not great considering i didn't really love the skirt that much either - i felt like i was having to wear it a little too high up, and therefore that it was too short, and i looked too fat :(

so i tried to focus on the shoes, which managed to brighten up the rest of the outfit - they are super comfortable, and i love the print, the fact that even though there is a peep-toe front, the fabulous rosette detail on the front means it's not too crazy, and the fact that they were totally fine to spend a whole day at a breakfast meeting, then the office, then a tea out with a friend - i didn't have to take them off at all!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

i've had a good day doing things the wrong way..

in this past week or so i have well and truly been bitten by the smoothie bug!! i think this is a good thing as it means i'm eating more fruit, and getting some dairy in the form of yogurt (fat free) to be good, right?! plus the fact that they are proving quite filling, it means i actually eat breakfast, so that keeps me away from eating all kinds of other crap, and i have been experimenting with different fruits and flavours to keep it interesting, as i have a tendancy to get bored with things quickly..

so far i am totally loving the pink colour this raspberry and carrot one turned out; just rasps carrots and yogurt..

and this one is great below, yogurt, banana, porridge oats and a spoon of honey..yum :)

plus it means my little smoothie - maker is finally getting some attention, after sitting in the cupboard unloved since christmas '09!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

an epidemic of the mannequins, contaminating everything..

this is one of the sewing projects i undertook on my time off between xmas / new year..i thought i woudl photograph various stages - i think it turned out quite well, although there was a slight delay where i realised i didn't have the right zip for it..but i managed to get one, and finished it at the weekend, and lost no time in wearing it..

i love the bow, and the fact it has pockets (i love dresses with pockets, even though i rarely use the poskets at all! and the pattern was easy enough to follow, in future i will finish the sleeves a little differently, as i don't like them, but there are alternative pieces which can be added to make it long / short-sleeved, and different neckline options, so i may give it a go again with some slight changes as i am acquiring quite a stack of fabric!!

if you haven't already, do enter my 200th post giveaway!! :)

Monday, 17 January 2011

*200th post giveaway*

i have been meaning to do a giveaway for quite a long while now, as a thank you to all the people who take the time to read what i have to say! i have been making and collecting all sorts of little things for it, and will probably have added more to this lot by the time the week is up..
to enter, please follow the blog and just leave a comment on this post with a way to contact you should you win, and the giveaway will run for a week, and close at 10am on january 24th..the winner will be announced by the 25th to give me time to add all the entries to a hat..good luck, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

i'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time we spent alone..

back to work outfit consisted of a leopard print dress from tesco clothing, which i have outfit-posted before..but instead of the boring black cardi and accessories i usually go for, i went with boring black shoes (which actually is probably unfair, are glittery, and were a total super-bargain when i was charity-shopping just before my graduation and panicking that i didn't have any sensible black heels - i seem to recall they were £4 and they fit absolutely perfectly - i have no idea where they were from originally!) and then added the new sale purchase cardi from river island instead..

i like the colour of this, although the wool has started to bobble a little bit on the arms already after one wear (not too badly, but noticeable, which i think isn't great) the one thing i thought would be annoying is the fact it has shoulder pads in it, but to be honest you can hardly tell as they aren't that big..

Saturday, 15 January 2011

i could have sworn that i was right, over and over..

this is one of the outfits i wore last week, but i have to admit i'm not really sure about it..

on their own, i really like all of it's components, but do you ever get the feeling that an outfit works a lot better in theory, than when you actually put it into practice..

the jersey floral print cardi /' shrug thing is lovely, i like the length of the sleeves, the print and the fact it has that one big giant button to draw it all together..

the striped dress is great on it's own, and i love the colour of the woolen tights i got from peacocks.."oxblood"  :)

i think that because the dress is a little loose anyway, the loose shape of the cardi just made me feel a little frumpy or something, as the outfit made me grumpy most of the day :S does anyone else ever get that?!

Friday, 14 January 2011

they're making us crazy, don't give up on me baby..

between xmas and new year, i headed out to the bullring, with a friend, as she wanted to have a proper look around the new forever 21 store which opened recently - i had only had a little browse in there also, so we made that our first stop and must have spent the best part of two hrs in there! there are three levels, and a lot to look at, although quite a bit of repetition around the store, which i don't mind so much as they seem to group things together with other items you could wear together, so that's nice for outfit inspiration..sadly the website seems to be quite difficult to actually navigate; it took me three different pages of "info to fill in" before i was able to put an item onto a wishlist, which was a little frustrating, and then it crashed..but maybe that's just beginner's bad luck..

anyway, back to the actual shopping trip - i was very restrained, as can be seen from the purchases..the brown skirt was a forever 21 purchase; the only one from two baskets full of items to try on!
the shoes were in the schuh sale - i checked out the irregular choice sale, of course, but the only pairs i want via schuh are determined to stay at full price it the floral heels it was for £29!
the watering can brooch really appealed to me, and for £3.75 in miss selfridge i felt i couldn't go wrong!!
and slippers were the only thing on my 'list' of specific things i need..(that and a black cardigan, but the less said about that epic fail the better!)

and my shopping outfit: i was determined to wear my christmas hat, and sort of matched the rest of the outfit to it, which has all been seen before..dress: newlife, cardi: h&m, petticoat: primark..