Thursday, 6 January 2011

all these thoughts locked inside, now you're the first to know..

so after a lot of thought over the past week or so, i have finally come up with some proper resolutions.. i do agree with some posts i have read on the subject; the resolve to do something (or not) for an entire year is a little scary, and if you aim unrealistically high, surely it's not that difficult to fail..
so i have tried to keep them fairly reasonable, not easy as that wouldn't be a challenge or worth committing to, but still, here goes:

  • my money resolution: i want to be more sensible with my money, which means more thought given before recklessly spending, and to set up a standing order for the start of every month, so that i am actually getting somewhere with saving - then, in theory, whatever's left at the end of the month should be transferred to saves too..i am not going into facts or figures, as i believe that money talk is tacky, and nobody is interested in my bank balance or credit rating (not even me) but just to be more sensible would be a start..this means a change to the way i currently shop; i probably don't need anything, let alone everything i see that i like, and i ought to bear that in mind when i see yet another pretty dress or pair of shoes..and just to remind myself: payday does not = shopping order to achieve this, i will set up a savings plan and stick to it, and be less impulsive when shopping..

  • my 'healthy body' resolution: i don't think it's any secret that i'm not happy with the way i look, my size and shape are somewhat upsetting to me..i'd like to lose some weight, and be more happy with the way i look..which means i need to make more of an effort to actually eat proper meals, at proper times, instead of getting distracted and forgetting to eat anything some days, which can't be doing a lot for my metabolism! again, i will not go into figures, but i plan to lose some weight, by doing 1hr of exercise every day, whether it's going for a run, to the gym, cycling or some wii fit or something of the girls in the business networking group i recently joined does trampolining, which i quite fancy trying! i also need to include in this resolution that i need to take more care of my body; currently my skin is a total disgrace, which isn't helped by the fact that i don't make enough of an effort with it! so to achieve this resolution, i will start and maintain a food diary, and make an effort to take a packed lunch to work with me at least 2days every week..which will make me more aware of what i eat and when, do 1hr exercise / day, and improve my skincare routine..

  • my 'healthy mind' resolution: i need to stop letting my emotions take over everything..i think i need to change the way i react to certain things also, be less emotional / confrontational in my attitude to relationships and other things and more positive..also, i currently probably put way too much pressure on myself to get things done, or take too much on, or leave things to the last minute (i do work a lot better under pressure, but i probably need to work on starting things a little earlier etc in order to avoid the insane amounts of pressure and stress!)..i want to try and be more organised; my concentration levels and memory are not as good as they were, mainly due to medication i have to take, but i can't hide behind achieve this resolution, i plan to organise my time better (with the help of my diary and to-do lists), and try to be less hard on myself to get things done..(i know it's in my nature that i like to fill my time and keep busy, but some things are not worth the stress)..and look at things more postively!

  • my 'seize the moment' resolution: ok, naff title, but it covers all the fun things i want to do, and signifies a time to stop making excuses not to do things..this list includes the following things which i plan to achieve this year:
    • work towards my Queen's Guide award
    • continue with my sewing, make time for it as it is something i enjoy
    • learn to knit - i have ummed and ahhed about joining a local stitch n' bitch group, but i need to actually do it!
    • book a holiday - i would like this to be skiing; i haven't been on holiday in several yrs, always find reasons why i don't have time etc. but i will make time!
sorry that this ended up being so long and rambly, and well done if you got to the end - have a reward!! :) more exciting posts to follow which i mean, back to shoes and clothes :D


  1. Great resolutions, esp the money one for me! LOVE your diary also - I always get a WHSmith one but by time I went for one (on Jan 2nd!) they only had 2 rubbishy ones left, aah! :)

  2. Good luck with your resolutions Char, I like the idea of you taking better care of yourself ;)

    Also, thank you for the postcard! xoxo

  3. I think these are really good resolutions Char. I really should do the same with saving anything thats left at the end of a pay period.

    Am very glad to see in there that you are going to try not to put as much pressure on yourself and to not be so hard on yourself.


  4. The money resolution sounds very sensible. If it's not there, you can't spend it!

    The exercise one sounds like quite a challenge and I'd hate for you to start beating yourself up if for whatever reason you couldn't stick to it. Maybe make it a few times a week rather than every day?