Wednesday, 26 January 2011

the dream maker's gonna make you mad..

i have been busy with the sewing machine in any spare time i find myself with recently! i have made pyjamas both for myself, my sisters and some friends - my favourite patterns have been the dino and the monster ones so far, and i rather love this green fabric with stars and lion prints on..
i made some matching sleep masks, because when i was trying to think of things to add to the prize pot for the giveaway, i saw a sleep mask in one of the shops, and decided i could make i drew around a massisve pair of sunglasses to make a basic shape, and then cut out, sewed, turned right way out, stuffed and sewed together with the elasticated strap in..they seemed to turn out ok and only took about 15mins each.. 

as for the vampires..we have had a change-around of the patrols in my guides unit recently, so i gave the girls the option of choosing what patrol names they would like to be..three of the groups chose from the standard GGuk emblems, but there's nothing that says they have to, so the fourth patrol decided they would like to be Vampires..which meant a frantic thought of how to make a vampire badge..after a few image searches for cartoon vampires (as i didn't fancy trying to make a felt representation of R-patz x5!!) i spent my sunday afternoon at a friend's house, cutting out bits of paper to make a pattern, and cutting out everything x5 and sewing together..
the girls got them on monday and all seem to love them, and everyone was quite convinced they look like vampires, so that was my main worry overcome- i'm quite pleased with them :)


  1. Aww, the vampires are adorable!

    I like the monster fabric best I think. I made PJs at school when I was about 13 (took us months, but that was partly because there was 1 machine between 3). I tie dyed mine pink/purple and I was really sad when they ripped and had to be chucked.

    Where do you get your cute fabric from?

  2. The vampires are brill and very vampire-like!

    Have you done/will you be doing a tutorial on the pyjamas? I'd love to make some myself because I'm so long-legged and the shops just don't seem to do long lengths in pyjamas ... what fabric do you use for them, just cotton? x

  3. Your makes are fab, i love the vampires. When I saw the eye masks, my immediate response was ~ wow a monster bra; until I relised :)
    Kandi x

  4. Those sleepmasks are brilliant, i love the prints xxx

  5. You are creative! I love those sleepmasks and the vampires are adorable. xxx

  6. You are so talented. Please start selling the PJ bottoms, I need new ones and would rather buy from you!

  7. loving the jim jams!
    How cute do they look which reminds me i seriously need to stock up on more pj's ahahaha x

  8. Aww, these are so cute. You could do a good trade selling these I reckon. I'd definitely buy them. xx

  9. Those PJs are fantastic and the matching eye masks!! You are a talented miss.

    Glad your girls liked their patrol badges. Ours seem to all have picked crazy names for instance Sugary Bun Bun Bunnies is one!


  10. Ooh excellent makes! I made my own pjs at college years ago and still wear them constantly, mostly cause regular pjs dont fit me, but now I wanna make more fun ones! :)