Sunday, 9 January 2011

drop a heart, break a name..

this was my christmas eve outfit (i know, wildly behind!) - there's something about this tartan dress and the bow detail that makes me think xmas, it was a primark buy years ago now, but i think i can only have worn it a handful of times ever!
the tights were a dotty p's pair - i usually don't buy my tights anywhere but primark as i am such a clumsy oaf with them and never seem to get a pair that lasts more than one or two wears before i stick a thumb through them or catch them on something and ladder them - i don't think it's to do with the quality of primark ones either, as i have had more pricey brands and done the same, i think i'm just clumsy when it comes to tights!

i had a fairly nice start to xmas with a relaxed breakfast in town with my best friend, and then a meander round the shops to see if we could spot any last-minute bargains!! then home for some last-minute wrapping of aforementioned last-minute bargains..a quick visit from some friends with presents (hence the mask!) and then off to my parents' for a festive few days..

talking of primark, anyone else seeeeeeriously unable to wait for some of the new season stuff - i haven't got access to this lookbook, but a lot of blogs have featured one recently, and there are two dresses and a skirt at least that i am after!


  1. Oh I love the mask! How fun.

    I can't quite make out the tights - are they the heart patterned ones? If so, I have them too! They were in the sale last week, bargain at £2.

  2. Very cute outfit. Lovely dress and I love that you feel christmasy in it cos of the bow.

    Haven't clocked any of the pics of new Primark stuff. Must admit I haven't actually been in for a long while, need to go have a nosy soon.


  3. I really can't wait for the new Primark stuff, I've started a saving fund for a trip in with my Mum after pay day! x

  4. Tartan print, especially in red or green always makes me think of Christmas!

    I am looking forward to a fair few pieces from the new season pics!

  5. Excellent dress - I too buy all my tights in Primark, altho I have to force myself in the door usually, theres just far too many chavs in my local one so I just run in and out, may have to start looking around! :)

  6. I adore the dress!!! It's brilliant! I used to have a really cute Twiggy mini-kilt in this shade of tartan which I really regret sending to the charity shop! You look lovely in it! Maybe this year you could team it with sparkly silver tights and sparkly cardie!?