Wednesday, 5 January 2011

good shoes won't save you this time..

since i didn't manage to get through all the presents in the last post, this is the rest (i feel so spoilt!)

the office bedroom antics heels were spotted and tried on much earlier in the year when visiting lovely alex in liverpool - i put them on the wishlist as i couldn't justify them at the time..
so how excited i was when they went in the sale - i emailed the link to mum as an xmas present idea and then noticed they had sold out of my size! cue frantic phoning round of all the office stores i could realistically get to within a few days, and alex offering to go and get them from the liverpool store when the sale started :) thank you alex!!

the irregular choice alpine knit ankle boots were an ebay find which my sister offered to get me for xmas; they're an old style, which i haven't seen for sale before, so was very happy that she managed to snap them up!!

and the beautiful clothes : 2x vintage laura ashley floral frocks, which i need an excuse to wear, and ever so excitingly, an amazing dinosaur tshirt and the h&m handbag skirt i have longed for for ages, both of which turned up in my most exciting christmas parcel!!!! :)


  1. Dying over those shoes! I wanted the Miaow boots which were really reduced in the sale but they sold out in my size...

    My Mum got a pair though...the bug is rubbing off!

  2. Cute dinosaur tee. And those Office shoes are to die for!!!

    I too have stopped myself from buying more books until I have read the ones I have.


  3. I really want those Office shoes-have been on my wishlist for soooo long! I really, really can't buy another pair just now though-so hope to get them in either pink or turquoise when I get some money!

    Thanks so much for offering to look for the River Island spike sandals for me. I probably shouldn't buy another pair, but I'd love if you could have a look for a size 5 (I'm so naughty). Thank you.

  4. Oh and forgot to say, the handbag skirt wasn't from Alex was it? So glad you finally got your mitts on it!

  5. Oh my goodness, you have the best shoes ever. I adore those two pairs at the top, you lucky thing you! xxx

  6. You're very welcome my dear :)

    Now, as thanks for my visits to Office on your behalf, I think you should hand over the IC boots, m'kay? ;-) They are an absolute joy! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for those or the green version of the alpine heels in my size.