Saturday, 8 January 2011

i'm santa's spy..

this post is all about the green velvet jacket i saw hanging on the door of a florist shop which i walk past when i go into town past the's a lovely little shop, i have had flowers from there before, which have been great, and more recently it seems to have all kinds of lovely kitchenware, pretty pots and the odd item of clothing and accessory..

i didn't have time to stop in there on the way past, i think i was late (probably!) and when i walked back past that evening it was past 5 so the shop had closed..ah well, i thought, if it's meant to be it will still be there next time i go past..which was a week or so later, and it was..

i tried it on in the shop, and it looked ok in the mirror, and for the £20 price tag, i thought it would lend itself to many outfits over the festive season..

in fact, i wore it to work the following day, over this polka dot h&m dress, which is a lovely shape, and buttons all the way up the back..i am just not now so sure about the jacket - it is maybe a little too big for me after all, the sleeves were that little bit too long, and i think it will need to be taken in just a little bit in order to avoid that "dressed up as an elf" uncomfortable feeling i had when i wore i need some views - stitch or ditch?!


  1. It's a gorgeous colour on you. How about shortening the sleeves to make them bracelet length? That should make it a bit more you. xxx

  2. Love the dress - gutted I missed that while it was in store - almost all the dresses in H&M for the last year or so seem to be tulip shaped or slim through the hips - "nuh-uh" said the pear shape!
    Re: Jacket - does it fasten? Or could you belt it for waist emphasis? I agree that the sleeves look a little long but it might not need taken in. x

  3. Well I don't think it really needs altering as it looks lovely but if I have to choose between the two then it's obviously stitch! Unless you want to ditch it in my direction, haha ;-)

  4. I really like it so I say stitch. I think it would look cute with a 3/4 sleeve instead. x