Friday, 21 January 2011

she's got me dancing and it's always one step behind..

this is one of the xmas presents i neglected to mention in the last post, but having tried it out, i decided i needed to dedicate a post of it's own.

this is the babyliss beliss 2x hair dryer, which has ceramic coated straightening 'teeth' as part of the hairdryer, meaning that it straightens as it dries - which, for me, means that i no longer try to use my straighteners as a hairdrying solution (which usually results in my causing a lot of steam as i try to straighten wet hair, which i assume is not good, and probably the reason my hair is such a state!)

it's quite a heavy, chunky thing with the straightening attachment (which is removable and can be switched for a regular hairdryer attachment, which comes with it, but the straightening attachment is adjustable so that youcan choose the most appropriate angle for doing all sections of the hair, and there is an adjustable tension setting to suit, also, which i found very useful..

i really would recommend this; i'm happy to state that it has a great straightening effect - ok, so it doesn't leave hair poker-straight at all, but it seems to end up relatively straight and with a nice shiny finish to it, which i think is great from the 5mins or so it takes to dry my hair with it!! has anyone else tried this?!


  1. This sounds brilliant, it takes forever for me to dry and then straighten my hair xx

  2. Ohh adding to wish list, I never bother with my hair because it usually takes so long, this could be my answer!

  3. Wow, that's amazing! Like a sort of home blow-dry. Sounds pretty good!

  4. How I would love it if any hair control and syling products worked for me. This sounds possible, I might actually go and get one!

  5. I haven't but it sounds good! Anything that saves me time with hair styling is a definite step forward.

  6. Oh thanks for this post. I've seen these before and been intrigued but thought they may not work well. Now I know. x