Wednesday, 12 January 2011

the sky was burning up like fireworks..

 playing outfit catch-up i'm afraid!

not an awful lot to say about this outfit; it was just for a day of doing very little around the house, so no amusing anecdotes..i've kind of enjoyed having very little to do over the festive season, although i have still been relatively hard on myself, with trying to get things like sewing projects done by certain times / setting myself goals and sticking to the to-do list!

this tee was a christmas present, i really love the mix of colours and the fact that it's dinosaurs (obviously!)..i wasn't sure whether to go for something a little crazy to pair it with, colourwise, or to try and tone it down since the dino's are so colourful anyway, but in the end went for a colourful floral print skirt, which is from primark, as well as a pair of blue tights which seem to have been favoured recently!


  1. The t-shirt is so so cute and, again, I love the tights. I always wear boring black, I need to change that

  2. Oh I love it. The tshirt looks fab on you and the skirt and tights are just beautiful with it.

  3. The dinosaur tee is so sweet! Perfect Char outfit. x