Friday, 14 January 2011

they're making us crazy, don't give up on me baby..

between xmas and new year, i headed out to the bullring, with a friend, as she wanted to have a proper look around the new forever 21 store which opened recently - i had only had a little browse in there also, so we made that our first stop and must have spent the best part of two hrs in there! there are three levels, and a lot to look at, although quite a bit of repetition around the store, which i don't mind so much as they seem to group things together with other items you could wear together, so that's nice for outfit inspiration..sadly the website seems to be quite difficult to actually navigate; it took me three different pages of "info to fill in" before i was able to put an item onto a wishlist, which was a little frustrating, and then it crashed..but maybe that's just beginner's bad luck..

anyway, back to the actual shopping trip - i was very restrained, as can be seen from the purchases..the brown skirt was a forever 21 purchase; the only one from two baskets full of items to try on!
the shoes were in the schuh sale - i checked out the irregular choice sale, of course, but the only pairs i want via schuh are determined to stay at full price it the floral heels it was for £29!
the watering can brooch really appealed to me, and for £3.75 in miss selfridge i felt i couldn't go wrong!!
and slippers were the only thing on my 'list' of specific things i need..(that and a black cardigan, but the less said about that epic fail the better!)

and my shopping outfit: i was determined to wear my christmas hat, and sort of matched the rest of the outfit to it, which has all been seen before..dress: newlife, cardi: h&m, petticoat: primark..


  1. So many lovely things here: hat, shoes and WATERING CAN NECKLACE!!

  2. Firstly, you look great. LOVE the hat on! and beautiful dress.
    Fab buys. The shoes are stunning. x

  3. Ooh excellent shoes! Didn't know Forever 21 had made it to this country, found one in Florida last year and quite liked it, like H&M I thought :)

  4. Those shoes are amazing, I would break a bone in those heels though. That watering can is so lovely!
    Kandi x

  5. Watering can love!

    I haven't been to the Bullring for ages!

  6. Eek, how many nice things?! Love the shoes, the slippers, that amaazing necklace and your whole outfit! I'm so tempted to get the red M&S cloche.

  7. Gorgeous shoes! All your buys are pretty and that dress is a great fit on you. xxx

  8. You scored some great stuff! I like the floral shoes.

  9. i spent 3 hours in F21 when i forst went there - so much to look at x