Monday, 24 January 2011

this is the night when every heart's exploding..

ok, so over the past couple of weeks i may have worn this river island cardigan a little bit too excess - here are three outfits it was thrown over..

1. (top left) cotton floral print dress, the first dress i ever made for myself; the result of an evening course of dressmaking lessons, which i thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend!! and some taupe suede chunky heels with patent criss-cross straps, from ASOS sale yrs ago..

2. (right) cream lace dress, primark..aforementioned cardigan, and watering can/ flowers brooch from the miss selfridge sale..worn with boring ballet pumps as the dress is otherwise a little too short..

3. (bottom right) topshop skirt, via ebay, with cat print..striped black and white vest, h&m, floral scarf - £1.99 from new life centre! and long strands of blue metallic beads, primark..

i think this cardi needs a rest. as does my brain, sorry for the lack of excitingness in today's post.

winner of giveaway - Lucy from Tete en l'Air..will email you now for your address  - thank you very much to everyone who took the time to enter :)


  1. I cannot get over the watering can!

  2. That handmade dress is just brilliant, Char! I spotted a TopShop cat print dress in a charity shop last week but sadly it was a size 6, grrrrr! xxx

  3. That cardigan is a great color! I bet it would look great worn with a belt wrapped around it too!

  4. What a versatile cardi that is. I especially love it with that amazing dress - it totally picks up the gorgeous tones in the print.

    Congrats Lucy!

  5. The cardi is lovely though and adds such a nice pop of colour to the outfits. The dress you made is very pretty. I do like the simplicity of the plain lace dress and cardi as well!

    Congrats Lucy! x

  6. Oooh I won!! My first giveaway win! Yay! Thank you - will go and check my emails now!! :)

    (Love the watering can!)