Tuesday, 4 January 2011

time for singing christmas songs..

i hope that everyone is nicely relaxed and refreshed after a lovely christmas period, and that santa brought all that you wanted..very sorry that i was somewhat more quiet than anticipated on this front; work got a little hectic so scheduling posts was out prior to the break, and as i have no internet access at my house, was planning to pop into work over the hols to feed the fish and catch up on blogland..but those plans were somewhat scuppered due to a flooded office, and the power being off whilst everything dried out.. so i have an awful lot to catch up on - presents, outfits, sale shopping, what i did with my time off, resolutions..but in a way it has been rather nice to have some relaxing time off to do some of the things i have been meaning to get done for a while..
                                                                                       apologies all round to all those who are fed up with / hate present-posts but here is mine..

lots of pretty candy-coloured kitchen accessories; the coffee / tea  / sugar jars i had asked for on my xmas list (from tesco) and the others were just an added bonus (or mum getting carried away!) 

various presents (top right) including robot thankyou cards, a dinosaur sandwich cutter, and a lovely water bottle for taking camping or on daytrips..

the red river island hat has been on my wishlist since early november, and when my sister managed to track it down for me i was thrilled, as it fits wonderfully on my stupidly large head! the tights are another river island pressie, and caused much hilarity as mum had put them somewhere safe for wrapping and couldn't find them for a couple of days! the floral laptop case is going to be perfect for carrying my netbook to starbucks :D

 some pretty jewellery, including the 'and mary' chipmunk necklace i had my eye on prior to christmas, and a pair of dinosaur earrings which were in my xmas stocking..
the flower bracelet was a present from my little sis, who was very excited to have done all of her own christmas shopping this year, with no help from mum!

and various crafty kits and childish things to keep me occupied and entertained..both my sister and i had very childish "toy" presents this year, but i don't think that's necessarily a bad thing..


there are more to come, but i can't get the photos to behave, so i think this post will have to be continued...


  1. Happy New Year, Char! You've had some gorgeous things especially that pretty kitchenalia! xxx

  2. Happy new year Char, love that hat! Reminds me of my Mam's old saying "Red hat, no knickers" but don't let that put you off - I think it's only her who said it!! :D x

  3. Lovely bits there I would love to take dinosaur sarnies to work, how cool is that! Lucy made me giggle there, my Mum always said "Fur Coat no knickers" :) Love the hat lots and lots.
    Kandi x

  4. You've got some great Christmas presents, that chipmunk necklace is my favourite one though. Looks like you had a really good Christmas. Ooh and I have lots of nice, new writing sets so you'll get a pretty thank you note soon :D xxx

  5. Ohh lovely presents! That is one stunning hat! x

  6. Happy New Year Char my lovely! What fantastic presents. All the kitchen stuff is just fabulous.

    Tehe @ childish toy presents. My hubby generally always gets me one 'kids' gift. This year it was a crisp maker and I LOVE it.

    You will look so cute in that hat.


  7. Happy New Year!

    Personally I can take any amount of present posts so I've enjoyed this one. Didn't you get a lovely lot of stuff?! I especially love the hat! I saw the red version of my M&S cloche in store today and was oh so tempted. Argh, I can't really afford it but I want it so!

  8. Excellent gifts! Love how you got lots of 'you' stuff - the only person who properly knows my style is my mum and even then I'm taking stuff back! Must learn to be less fussy... :)

  9. UAU!!! I like so much your kitchen instruments!!! they are really really cute!!!!! is there shop online of this company??