Monday, 10 January 2011

walk the wire..

my trip to the river island sale in town came up with more than i had anticipated - the bullring store i visited on new yr's eve had nothing of interest - at all! - well, nothing that we could see from the mountainous rails and piles of sale things, in a mess..i don't know whether it's the conscious decision not to spend too wildly or what, but i just haven't been that into the sales this Jan!

that said, my sunday afternoon cycle into town ended up in a few purchases - these are all from river island, and i have to admit, i kind of like them altogether like this..

the striped top is actually a short-sleeved body; i don't have any proper t-shirty ones, i've always found them to look a bit too clingy, but i like this, and it looks more like just a tshirt when on..

i wasn't overly enthusiastic about the prospect of a cardigan with shoulder pads, but to be honest they are very small, and when i wore it, barely noticeable!

and as for the shorts..they have been my river island guilty pleasure for goodness knows how in, i have liked them but refrained from purchase with thoughts of "they're probably impractical" or "i don't want to look like an extra from robin hood"..but when i saw this lonely pair in the sale, i could resist no more..having tried them on, i like them but they are a bigger size than i would usually buy, and that concerns me as i don't like the thought of being even bigger than i already am..skewed logic, maybe, and i know i shouldn't care what the size label says, but i i may cut it out..
total sale spend : £30, which is less than the amount transferred from my paypal a/c to my bank this week - that's got to be good, right?!


  1. those shorts <3 £30 is a bargain. I always size up in River Island, they seem to cut small x

  2. Cut the label out! Size is but a number and a very skewed one at that. I've told you about my recent short buying exploits - I've got them ranging over 3 sizes!

  3. Great bargains - I never usually go in there at sale time, just too messy to face! Love bodies, they're so practical and go with everything :)

  4. Well done on the buys, great bargain!
    Don't worry about size, as Alex says it's just a number. I have 10s, 12s and 14s in my wardrobe.

    Those shorts are not my style but I'm finding myself completely drawn to them. Fabulous!


  5. Love the cardigan, the colour is lush.

    Sadie x