Tuesday, 11 January 2011

when the kids start singing and the band begins to play...

is it too far into the new year to be still catching up with what i wore on xmas day?!
we had a fairly quiet and relaxed day at the parents' house, with one set of grandparents, as mum wanted to do xmas dinner at home due to the fact she had a new kitchen earlier in the year (it made sense to her, i think!)..

this dress was the first thing i purchased with my first pay packet of the last bar job i did; i'd seen it in warehouse and decided to treat myself to it when i had completed my first week..

i thought the tights would go well with the colours in the dress, and then added the black and white cardi as a contrast, and so as to avoid looking too much like a smurf! i didn't bother with any shoes in the end, as they have also recently had a wooden floor downstairs, so heels are banned :(


  1. That dress is such a stunning colour, absolutely beautiful. The top you have put it with looks like dogstooth check - it is very sweet.

    I'm afraid I will be a 'no heels' person when my wooden floors are finished too...

  2. that dress is an amazing colour x

  3. What a stunner of a frock! Shame about the shoes though - it would have looked brilliant with the Bedroom Antics pair.

  4. Such a pretty frock on you, Char!
    Luckily I'm allowed heels in the house, the scuff marks make our wooden floor look even more authentic (or that's my argument to Jon). xxx

  5. Love the colour of the dress! My Mum's favourite colour too. You look very pretty :) xxx

  6. This colour is wonderful on you. I imagine you were lost with out you heels! x