Monday, 28 February 2011

the day we met was like a hit and run..

excuse the fact that i have taken absolutely no photos in the past few days, i have caught a cold and feel like crap, and decided nobody wants to see my red nose :(
this is just an interim post, with my latest payday wishlist !

i havent' seen a lot i've liked in peacocks recently (well, apart from a peter pan collar dress which would have looked terrible on me!), but that seems to have changed..

first up:
i love this quirky little sailboat pattern,

how many cherry print dresses can one girl get away with owning - i have at least one already..

and most of all:
i love the polka dots and floral print mix, along with the collar!

what's on your wishlist?
also, there seems to be a couple of rather good deals on the website at the moment, 20%off everything, as well as free delivery if you spend more than £30! i like that it's not set at a crazy amount, which so many of the other webistes seem to do of late..

Friday, 25 February 2011

shut up and let me see your jazz hands..

i've seen this Q&A doing the rounds on various of the blogs i read regularly, so i hope it's ok if i join in with the fun..!

1. Are you named after anyone? not that i know of.
2. When was the last time you cried? probably a couple of weeks ago, when i last had a giant row with someone i care about..sometimes i go through phases of crying a lot, and other times i wonder what the fuss was all about, which is sort of the problem with being bipolar :(
3. Do you have kids? nooooo. hopefully one day i will be in a position where it would be a sensible idea, but not at the moment..
4. If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself? i think it would depend what kind of a mood i was in..i know that i can be a total nightmare sometimes, and completely irrational, so i wouldn't like to be friends with that "me" as i don't have the patience for it! my close friends clearly do though, and for that i am really grateful to them..which i hope they know!
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? probably more than is completely necessary, yes..

6. Will you ever bungee-jump? i can't say it's ever been something that has appealed to me..i went on a 'high ropes' course with my guides last september, where you had to climb up a pole and jump off to try and hit a suspended ball, and that was bad enough at the top (although i didn't think i was scared of heights..), so i don't think it's somethign i'll realistically ever do!
7. What's your favourite cereal? i'm not really a cereal person, i tend to forget to eat breakfast, and also i can't stand milk, but when i do have cereal it is always bran flakes, with some fruit and yougurt..
8. What's the first thing you notice about people? this is probably very predictable, but is totally true- their shoes!
9. What is your eye colour? blue
10. Scary movie or happy endings? horror movies are my favourite kind, the more gore the better! that said, i generally will go to see anything / watch any movies, i'm not fuusy!
11. Favourite smells? vera wang for men, fresh coffee, blowing out a candle..
12. Summer or winter? there are lovely things about each of them, i love the idea of chunky knitted hats and scarves, and wrapping up in lots of layers in winter..equally i love sunshine, and try to soak up as much sun as i can when it finally shows it's face in the summer!
13. Computer or television? i don't have a television (i don't see the point), so i guess it's computer..although nor do i have the internet at home, so i have to do all my watching on the pc via dvd, or more often, at a friend's house :)

14. What's the furthest you've been from home? i went on holiday to south africa several years ago now, and it was a great three weeks of new experiences, although probably not somewhere i would go to again now that i have been..
15. Do you have any special talents? not really..i taught myself to juggle one year on guide camp when we were learning circus skills, and i guess that is a talent of sorts.
16. Where were you born? worcestershire..we moved to shropshire when i was 8
17. What are your hobbies? i love sewing, dressmaking, and general crafting..
18. Do you have any pets? at the moment, until i can save up enough for my own tortoises, only fish which live in a tank in my office..
19. Favourite movie? i'm not sure about this one. it always used to be 10 things i hate about you, as i had a bit of a crush on heath ledger when i was a i do like a good gangster film, so casino and goodfellas are up there, but i also am loving breakfast at tiffany's recently.
20. Do you have any siblings? yes, two younger sisters, one is 21 and at uni, the other almost 14 and is one of my guide unit now :)
21. What do you wanna be when you grow up? i don't want to grow up particularly!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

my father took me into the city, to join the black parade..

a completely primark outfit today..i really like this zebra print dress, and felt the colour went well with this pair of floral leggings. i went with a simple pair of cream glittery pumps as the dress is quite short..this outfit is from last week, i'm currently feeling totally exhausted and was waay too tired to contemplate taking pictures this morning, but my guide camp went well, which was good..then i went to give blood last night, and then perhaps unwisely headed off to the cinema to see black swan on the late showing, so today i'm feeling fairly tired!
i have had a clear out of some of my jewellery, and was wondering about doing a jewellery sale, or perhaps a giveaway with them, any suggestions ?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

little did i know that you were romeo..

so, i am in 'guides event preparation' panic mode..we are running a market stall to raise some funds this week, and will be selling sweets, so i spent my thursday evening in the kitchen after an epic supply trip to the supermarket..with some of the leftover marshmallows, i decided to have a go at a recipe i saw on a recent blog post, hummingbird marshmallow cupcakes..
i have to say the cake mix recipe was very simple, and suggested using a mixer, which would have made it quicker still, but even so it was only a couple of minutes of mixing, although i had to whip thm out of the oven a little sooner than the recipe suggested or they would have been fairly brown! (i think this has more to do with the fact i had been baking other things previously that evening, and the oven may have been a little too hot)..the vanilla frosting went together in a matter of minutes also, whilst i was waiting for the marshmallows to melt, in a bowl over a saucepan of water..this took absolutely ages, i'm not sure if i'd done something wrong, and when it was finally melted, it was fairly tricky to get the mix into the cutout sections of the cake, without it sticking to everything; spoon, knife, bowl, fingers, anything but the cake! however, in the end, i managed to perfect the scoop and scrape method, and got marshmallow into all of the cakes..they looked a little messy when done, so i ended up adding the frosting on the top as i was worried they would otherwise be a little dry due to a few too many minutes in the oven..i was a little concerned this may  make them a little too sickly sweet but they came to work with me on friday and seemed to go down very well with everyone! i think i ate enough melty marshmallow to put myself off marshmallow for a while, so can't say i've tried one, but am told the cake is a lovely fluffy's a recipe i would probably try again, with the addition of little mini mallows in the frosting i think they would look rather fairy-princess-cute!

Monday, 21 February 2011

they say the nile used to run from east to west..

happy monday..i hope everyone had a lovely weekend..mine was fairly relaxed, i spent saturday morning baking, and making sweets for the market stall my guides are running for fundraising tomorrow, and then picked up a friend and headed to chester for an afternoon around the shops..i picked up a few things in primark, and this bicycle necklace from accessorize, which i totally fell for as i have a pink bike which looks almost exactly like it, (except it's bigger and not on a necklace!)..

and also i couldn't resist this rabbit ring from miss selfridge:

i also (quelle horreur!) purchased a pair of skinny jeans..but they are white floral ones from the primark sale £3, whcih i thought was quite a bargain..i wore them yesterday for a relaxing day trip, but i forgot to take any outfit pictures, so that will have to wait..

i have signed up to twitter, although i really don't know anythign about how it works / what things mean etc.. but my username for it is @dinoprincesschr if anyone wants to follow me / teach me how to use it!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

run like a spirit by the castle walls..

The Warrior's Princess by Barbara Erksine

I decided that i wanted to 'expland my reading horizons' in a trip to the library before Xmas, which therefore saw me choosing books out of my usual comfort the time i got to the end of the first chapter i was completely hooked on the simultaneous stories of Jess; a teacher from London whose confusing attack drives her to seek refuge at her sister's home in Wales, and the historical story of Celtic princess, Eigon, who shares a dark secret with Jess. The first few chapters really manage to capture the reader's interest in both of the main characters' stories.
Having never read a 'timeslip' novel before, i suppose the concept took a little getting used to in terms of stopping my cycnical side thinking "this would never happen; ghosts aren't real, it seems so realistic until the fairytale addition of ghosts etc" but once i let myself "fall into" the concept, i found myself quite engrossed in the two stories and the fear of the girls being caught by the respective followers / attackers did keep pages turning right up until the end..the ending was a little rushed, having been built up over 350 pages or so, i was a little disappointed that proportionately, not so much focus was given to the crescendo of events..and maybe it was a little 'fairytale', but it didn't spoil the enjoyment of the book for me..
after reading the book, i did a little research as far as reviews from other readers went, and found that the general views seemed to be that perhaps Erksine's books all follow a similar theme in terms of plot and storyline, so it was felt that this book was "nothing new", and that her earlier work may have been better..having not read any other Erksine novels, i can't comment on whether this is the case, but these views have made me a little more hesitant when it comes to reading others..although i can say that i thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend the Warrior's Princess, i don't know that i would be interested in reading the same concept with the characters' names changed..

has anyone else read any Barbara Erksine? i'd be interested to know whether your views are the same as others who have reviewed the book online, or not..

Saturday, 19 February 2011

our future is far..

another item i was after on my last trip to primark was the beach scene print dress which seems to have been an instant hit on all of the blogs i have noticed it on..until i went to the store i wasn't aware there was a skirt version as well..sometimes i'm not sure about skirts, i tend to favour dresses, as i then don;t have the issue of how on earth to dress them, don't have to find a top that goes with the colour, in a shape to complement the shape of the skirt etc..i wasn't all that happy with the way this outfit turned out..the skirt itself is a fine shape, i just get really self-conscious with my own shape when it comes to wearing skirts..
i went with another primark item, this sequinned top which has probably been sitting in my wardrobe unworn for a year or so now, as i;ve had no idea what to wear that with either..
i purchased the topshop yellowy tights recently with a giftcard, and was quite pleased with them, they are a cotton mix, so thick but not as warm as wool ones..also, in the end i didn't wear the shoe boots pictured, but a flat pair of blue suede pixie boots, which came from the new look sale, as i wasn't convinced about the tights with heels, not sure why..
i like the pattern of the skirt, not so sure about the fit of it though..think it's another on the 'sell on' list this week..

Friday, 18 February 2011

you're just like the rest of those girls..

so a few weekends ago now, i went to liverpool, and had a bit of a primark spree..i think it's been fairly difficult to miss the pictures of some of the new season items which are gradually hitting the stores and seem to be on everyone's wishlists..this poppy print skirt is one of the items which was on my shopping list..finding it in store was easy, there were three different rails of them on the ground floor alone, so i am sure that it'll be one item which is spotted a lot over the coming months, but with regards to the item itself i was pretty impressed..the pattern is lovely, with striking colours, and both lined, and a layer of net for volume, which i love with skirts and dresses!

the colour scheme lends itself to nautical trend items very well, and i was pleased to dig out this pair of blue and white striped heels with red patent platforms and heels, which i purchased years ago now from office..i love this pair of heels so much that i even got the pink version in the sale later that year, they are pretty high, but unbelievably comfortable for a day's wear..

this navy top was a great find on the same trip to is probably fairly obvious, my wardrobes are fairly lacking in plain coloured staple pieces, i always seem to get drawn towards colourful, quirky prints, and leave behind the sensible choices.. the top is sleeveless, with some neckline detail, which means it's not totally boreworthily plain, but i figured i have a lot of skirts i could team it with, and at £8 i think it was a well-priced, versatile bargain..

Thursday, 17 February 2011

you move so fast, makes me feel lazy..

i seem to be stumbling across more and more photos of outfits which i haven't got around to posting, this one was from ages ago..
the brown skirt is that 'iffy' one from forever21, and the shoe boots were a £10 bargain from peacocks prior to xmas, both mentioned on the blog before..the horse print jumper was a tesco clothing purchase when i was doing my weekly (well technically more like monthly) food shop..i couldn't resist it, even though usually i try to avoid jumpers because i end up being waay too warm in them..i think there is something wrong with my temperature in general, as i cannot sleep without the window open - at all - and i haven't had the heating on at home in over a year! i do realise it has been super-cold over the winter, but even so,if i try to sleep with the window shut i wake up in a too-warm-panic, which is not good when i don't sleep well at the best of times!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

you're the only one, i would take a shot on..

the other day i finally got around to trying a "green monster" smoothie, after hearing a lot about it over various blogs of late..i googled for the recipe, and have to say i was a little underwhelmed by it..maybe it was the fact that as a great lover of spinach, i wasn't all that happy that the spinach works as colour only..maybe it was that i'm never particularly thrilled by banana in smoothies unless they have something else..however, as my blood tests have come back with anaemic levels once more, i will be adding a handful of spinach to future smoothies, as it's a good way of me trying to get some more iron into my diet :)
and to continue the green monster / underwhelmed theme, an outfit which had the same effect..i picked this jumper up in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago, and whilst on the handwritten tag it told me it is a size 18, from the lenght of it i'm not convinced..the jumper is baggy on, which is fine- i quite like the oversized trend, but i wasn't sure about the length of it and it kept riding up..i put it with this green taffeta skirt from river island, and was not entirely sure about it all day long, so once it's had a wash i think it's on the blog sale page!

Monday, 14 February 2011

broken hearts and torn up letters..

 ok, so i'm back after my little break from the blog..thank you all for your sensible and lovely suggestions and comments, i've taken a little time to try and get things sorted in my head, i spent a week or so being a little bit down about life in general, but i'm thinking this is a little more cheerful start to this week!

i am not a particular fan of valentine's day. i say this  regardless of whether i am in a relationship or not when it rolls around, i just think it's boring..that's not to say i haven't had some lovely tokens in the past, i just don't think the day is really worth all the fuss..however, my guides have decided they would like a heart-themed evening with us actually meeting on the day, so i spent my sunday baking heart shaped biscuits for them to ice (the iced ones were my leftover ones)..also, i was wandering through the 'handmade' market which is a monthly occurance in my town, and saw someone was selling wire heart decorations with beads on them, for £5 each..i happened to be meeting one of my fellow unit leaders in town that day, so we had a look and decided it was somethign we woudl be able to do rather easily, so off we went to find some garden wire and beads (not that difficult you may think, but it was quite a task finding the beads!!)..i gave one a go yesterday as an example and learnt that kitchen scissors are not the best tool for cutting wire...

and it seems ages since i did an outfit post, so here is today's..and my hair looks as though i have been dragged through a hedge backwards - not good! i decided to opt for a heart print top, which is from h&m, and this floral zara skirt, with a primark crochet cardi / shrug..and the primark heels which are pictured at the top, nabbed in my recent primark trip in liverpool! they are suprisingly comfortable..

a couple of things i forgot..if anyone needs a reason to collect either sainsburys or tesco vouchers, i am collecting them again for my guides, we banked all last years and are hoping to get enough to get some useful camp equipment by the end of this season - if you did wish to send any, email me for my address and they woudl be much appreciated!! :)

also, to spread the love, nic is running a giveaway over on her blog and has asked others to mention it, so click her prize picture to be redirected to it, and read her blog anyway if you don't already!! :)

Monday, 7 February 2011

when enough is enough and it's time to walk away..

At the moment I feel quite stupid. I can't eat or sleep, all I can do is kick myself for being a naive idiot yet again, with regard to seeing people for what they really are, not who I want so badly to believe they are. I'm coming to realise that it's not likely that people will change, when you first meet them you go
through that first phase of getting to know all the important and lovely things about them, and you take that bit longer to realise that maybe there is more to them. Maybe all those little remarks are aimed at hurting you, maybe they aren't very good at
keeping promises after all, but you keep
on making excuses as it hurts less than seeing the reality, that they just don't care about you. That's how I feel at the moment. There comes a point where it's not possible to keep on making excuses for the way you're being treated, and I'm metally exhausted by it. I'm sick
of doing everything i can to try and help, and then being told it's wrong, or that I wasn't asked to/didn't have to. I think that if someone cared about you, they'd see when you needed help and do what they could, that's how friends work.
I don't think this person is my friend. I think they just like to hurt me, and I can't take it anymore. So day one of leaving them behind starts here, which is going to be difficult as I can't stop caring about them...I don't know what to do :(

Sunday, 6 February 2011

grab your clothes and get gone..

i dug this skirt out of the wardrobe and realised i hadn't worn it for ages, so tried to plan an outfit for it last week..i really love this cardi, and think the corsage has been attached to it for ages now as it goes so well with the colours, so i added a very simple vest top and that pair of purple bow platform heels from new look and headed out..i love ths swishy-ness of the skirt, but am worried it maybe looks a bit too dressed up for everyday wear..well, i say worried, but i guess it's never stopped me in the past! skirt and cardigan: h&m, vest and corsage: primark..

Saturday, 5 February 2011

and all the perfect words they seem so wrong..

a bit of an unexciting, picture-free post today as I'm trying to do this from
my the moment I'm wishing for the following things, bur sadly it's links only as I'm not sure how to import a picture on here from
the phone!
I currently love this accessorize floral satchel:

one of my guides sent me this link the other day to say I need this:

this pendant is lovely:

and i'd like to be able to make something like this, but I have no idea where to find the sorts of beads to sew on..

and finally these utterly impractical but very pretty gloves:

hope everyone has a very lovely weekend!

Friday, 4 February 2011

i've read of a man up in a room, who can control everything i do..

recently i decided to join in with the book club which Gemma has set up over on her blog..
i've just finished our first book;
Room by Emma Donoghue
as i was reading this for a book club, i tried to be as objective as possible (or at least that sounds better than to say lazy!) by avoiding reading any reviews, as it wasn't a book i had heard of, but it was one which several members of the group seemed to want to read, so i ordered it once decided and got started almost as soon as it arrived..and then i hit a bit of a wall..i found it a little difficult to get into the way in which the first half of the book was was clear that the writer was narrating from the point of view of Jack; a five year old boy who lives in a soundproofed shed in the garden of his mother's captor, and therefore knows nothing of the existence of an outside world..i didn't find the find the boy's narrative endearing, or intriguing in the slightest - just annoying and very difficult to get into..i found the sentence structure and consistent grammatical errors somewhat ironic, given that the reader is to believe that Jack is such an intelligent felt more like the story had been written, and then some childish speak written in to make it sound more authentically childish..which it didn't..
to refrain from spoiling the plot for anyone i won't go into details, but i thought that the first half of the book really dragged; it then felt that the second half was being rushed and crammed into the remianing page-space to compensate, where some of the events really could have benefitted from a little more explanation and description..some of it was (for example the interview) completely unrealistic, and other parts were just plain annoying, but perhaps that is the reader's frustration with the fact that the character did not know anything (i do realise that was kinda the idea, but i personally didn't find it very easy to read)

there are of course strong parrallels with the recent josef fritzl case throughout the book; despite whatever claims had been made to say it was unrelated, it does seem a little as though it was written to cash in on this news-story, so perhaps that would be a reason for it's rushed feel..or perhaps the rushed feel is completely intentional to mirror the way Jack is supposed to be feeling - as though there is such a rushed pressure on him to take everything in and understand it..either way, it meant i didn't enjoy the second half of the book any more than the first..

i hope next month's choice is gets a point in my book for being different to anything i have read, but then gets lots taken away for being so difficult to get into!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

i really don't like your point of view - i know you'll never change..

i have to say i have been pretty impressed with a LOT of the new season primark stuff (my trip at the weekend was a little bit reminiscent of supermarket sweep - i used to LOVE that show!)
this is one of the dresses i crammed into the basket..i love that it has a tie at the back of the neck, and felt that the print lent itself to these taupe asos heels which i've worn recently..printed fabric, and the little poofy layer of net makes it a winner for me, and the belt means it doesn't create that 'unflattering loose dress' paranoia that i so often seem to suffer from..any thoughts??

as for today's song lyrics, it's something of a nod to my current frustration / mental exhaustion with the friend i've mentioned before who seems to spend their life making me sad..i'm just fed up with everything that they promise and then fail to do, and i think there are only so many times you can be let down before you give up on someone - is that bad? if they are never going to change, and by not changing they will never be happy, is it bad to try and help them to change?! or best to just walk away so you don't get the upset of seeing their life fall apart as a result of their stupidity? :(

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

soemtimes i fake that i hate you and make up so you'll end up next to me..

oh how excited i was a few weeks back when i caught sight of this printed dress on the new look website..since when do new look do amazing prints like this?! i tried not to
get too excited though, as i had a few frustrating moments with last year's new look dresses, being beautiful on the hanger, but obscenely short when actually tried on..and i'm not even that tall - only 5'6!

so when i saw it in the store in chester a couple of weeks ago, i picked it up with some speed, but tried hard not to get my hopes up, thinking i would have to return it..when i did finally get around to trying it on, i was pleasantly suprised at the length - ok, so it's not the longest dress in the world, but perhaps hemlines are set to come down a little on new look planet this year!
what did disappoint me, was the fact that i had to re-stitch some of the stitching where the sleeve had been badly sewed and was coming apart before it had even been taken out of the bag (my own fault for not checkign more thoroughly when i purchased it, i guess, and i didn't want to take it back and complain as i know they don't stock it in my local store, so what could they do?!)

i wore it to sunday lunch with a friend who will be my mentor for my queen's guide award - the plan has been made, we have filled in the forms and they are in the post as i type - i'm on my way and have a little over two yrs to finish it!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

it's just my humble opinion but it's one that i believe in..

an outfit post, and something a little different (if a little later than anticipated)..

first off - the outfit..nothign that new or exciting, the dress has been worn recently, along with the same tights from primark..and this cherry print cardigan from topshop several years ago, which i found hidden in the back of a drawer..i really need to go through my wardrobes as there are so many things i'm bound to have forgotten about!!

this outfit was worn to go to the cinema a few weeks ago friend suggested we went to see gulliver's travels, as she does like to go and see pretty much everything at the cinema..talking of which, i have been umming and ahhing over getting an unlimited card for our local cineworld, as by going twice in a month (not unreasonable, and i tend to anyway) it has paid for itself..does anyone else have one / recommend it?!

anyway, my first film review: Gulliver's Travels

the basic story tells of Jack's character, Gulliver, blagging his way into a writing job at the newspaper he works the mailroom at, and sees him heading off to the Bermuda Triangle for his story, getting lost in a storm and ending up in Lilliput, where he reinvents himself with an ego to match his relative size..
- the fact that it's a Jack Black movie pretty much sets the scene in terms of what to expect! he's one of those actors who really just plays himself in my opinion, and has to make sure he meets his self-imposed quota of childish toilet-related humour (in this film, definitely met in the scene where he puts out the fire in Lilliput)..for some of the film i wasn't sure whether to groan or laugh, but it was fairly watchable, i just had to keep reminding myself not to set my expectations high enough to "sensible" level.. the cast was fairly good really, i do like Emily Blunt (especially in Devil wears Prada) and i think she played the part of the princess well, and i really like Jason Segel, who has played Marshall in How I Met Your Mother for a few seasons now - i think he is very amusing, and set to do well in his upcoming movies this year..but i did feel that the entire cast were outshone, whether intentionally or not, by Jack Black..not particularly due to talent, just the fact that he has quite clearly had a lot of input into the making of this film, and all the other characters just got that "minor" feel to them..
we saw this film in 3D, and i cant' say that it really added that much to the enjoyment / entertainment factor, it wouldn't have been all that different without..overall whilst i'm not overly enamoured with it, there were a few moments where the pair of us laughed out loud, although i'm not sure if those were the intentionally hilariuous parts or not..i didn't laugh in the peeing scene..maybe i'm not kid's not one i would bother to wacth again!