Monday, 14 February 2011

broken hearts and torn up letters..

 ok, so i'm back after my little break from the blog..thank you all for your sensible and lovely suggestions and comments, i've taken a little time to try and get things sorted in my head, i spent a week or so being a little bit down about life in general, but i'm thinking this is a little more cheerful start to this week!

i am not a particular fan of valentine's day. i say this  regardless of whether i am in a relationship or not when it rolls around, i just think it's boring..that's not to say i haven't had some lovely tokens in the past, i just don't think the day is really worth all the fuss..however, my guides have decided they would like a heart-themed evening with us actually meeting on the day, so i spent my sunday baking heart shaped biscuits for them to ice (the iced ones were my leftover ones)..also, i was wandering through the 'handmade' market which is a monthly occurance in my town, and saw someone was selling wire heart decorations with beads on them, for £5 each..i happened to be meeting one of my fellow unit leaders in town that day, so we had a look and decided it was somethign we woudl be able to do rather easily, so off we went to find some garden wire and beads (not that difficult you may think, but it was quite a task finding the beads!!)..i gave one a go yesterday as an example and learnt that kitchen scissors are not the best tool for cutting wire...

and it seems ages since i did an outfit post, so here is today's..and my hair looks as though i have been dragged through a hedge backwards - not good! i decided to opt for a heart print top, which is from h&m, and this floral zara skirt, with a primark crochet cardi / shrug..and the primark heels which are pictured at the top, nabbed in my recent primark trip in liverpool! they are suprisingly comfortable..

a couple of things i forgot..if anyone needs a reason to collect either sainsburys or tesco vouchers, i am collecting them again for my guides, we banked all last years and are hoping to get enough to get some useful camp equipment by the end of this season - if you did wish to send any, email me for my address and they woudl be much appreciated!! :)

also, to spread the love, nic is running a giveaway over on her blog and has asked others to mention it, so click her prize picture to be redirected to it, and read her blog anyway if you don't already!! :)


  1. Oooh, the biscuits and the heart look lovely. Also, liking those shoes v much.

  2. love the iced biscuits anf floral shoes, how fab :)

  3. Oh Char I'm well impressed with those biscuits! So much for your protestations about not being good at baking!

  4. The biscuits and shoes rock! I'm glad you're feeling more cheerful. My hair's gone crazy today, there must be something in the air! xxx

  5. Glad you're feeling better, at least you still manage to look good regardless! Loving the skirt :)

  6. A heart night at guides sounds so much fun! We meet on a Monday too!! But not tonight as the kids are off for a few days so no guides for us.
    Love the shoes they are gorgeous. And I think you look like you are totally rocking big hair, doesn't look hedge like at all.
    Thanks for the mention, will make sure you get an extra entry.

  7. I don't normally get supermarket vouchers (I always tell them at the checkout to give mine to someone who needs them) but I'll start picking them up.

    Your hair always looks gorgeous x

  8. Hey! Just found your blog :) I'm sorry to hear about the person from the last blog post, but also that you are happily moving on :) My housemates is also a guides leader so we get a lot of baking and making in our house for them too! :)
    Ps, those shoes are primark? They are seriously getting so much better! :)

  9. They sound like such lovely fun crafty things to do on valentines day, your guides are lucky to have such a fun creative individual!
    Your blog is great