Monday, 28 February 2011

the day we met was like a hit and run..

excuse the fact that i have taken absolutely no photos in the past few days, i have caught a cold and feel like crap, and decided nobody wants to see my red nose :(
this is just an interim post, with my latest payday wishlist !

i havent' seen a lot i've liked in peacocks recently (well, apart from a peter pan collar dress which would have looked terrible on me!), but that seems to have changed..

first up:
i love this quirky little sailboat pattern,

how many cherry print dresses can one girl get away with owning - i have at least one already..

and most of all:
i love the polka dots and floral print mix, along with the collar!

what's on your wishlist?
also, there seems to be a couple of rather good deals on the website at the moment, 20%off everything, as well as free delivery if you spend more than £30! i like that it's not set at a crazy amount, which so many of the other webistes seem to do of late..


  1. Pretty pretty florals.

    I bought my treat for getting my uni assignment in this morning and I bought a vintage jumpsuit with a matching jackety thing and a top off Etsy. I'm obsessed with Hawaiian prints again. I blame all this grey weather

  2. I can see you in all those things! I don't have a wishlist, when you're a second-hand shopper it's always a surprise what you end up with. xxx

  3. ooooh, love that cherry print dress, so pretty! x

  4. Oh it really irks me when shops send you emails trumpeting about free delivery and then somewhere in the small print you find out it's for orders over £75 only. I almost never spend that much in one order.

  5. Ooh that last one is very nice indeed....

  6. Love these, wish we had a Peacocks near me, think its the only shop we dont have here! :)

  7. Both those dresses are very pretty and very Char!
    I love the little cardi, might need to go investigate that. Though somehow I am skint so close after pay day. x