Thursday, 3 February 2011

i really don't like your point of view - i know you'll never change..

i have to say i have been pretty impressed with a LOT of the new season primark stuff (my trip at the weekend was a little bit reminiscent of supermarket sweep - i used to LOVE that show!)
this is one of the dresses i crammed into the basket..i love that it has a tie at the back of the neck, and felt that the print lent itself to these taupe asos heels which i've worn recently..printed fabric, and the little poofy layer of net makes it a winner for me, and the belt means it doesn't create that 'unflattering loose dress' paranoia that i so often seem to suffer from..any thoughts??

as for today's song lyrics, it's something of a nod to my current frustration / mental exhaustion with the friend i've mentioned before who seems to spend their life making me sad..i'm just fed up with everything that they promise and then fail to do, and i think there are only so many times you can be let down before you give up on someone - is that bad? if they are never going to change, and by not changing they will never be happy, is it bad to try and help them to change?! or best to just walk away so you don't get the upset of seeing their life fall apart as a result of their stupidity? :(


  1. Can't make that picture larger like I can some days, but that dress looks really lovely, I like that length on you, makes your legs look fab!

    It's hard to say really about your friend dilemma without knowing details. It depends how good a friend they are outside of this scenario. On one hand I'm a big fan of not having people in my life who bring me down but on the other, if I was going through a bit of a phase I would hope my friends would persevere with me and not just drop me! So yeah, it's a tricky one. I'm not helping am I?!

  2. Oh I like that a lot. Well, I liked it in the bag but it's much nicer on! Super flattering shape on you :)

    Hmmm, you probably already know my thoughts on the problem friend. You can only try so much if it's not sinking in - it'll just start draining you instead. Sometimes you have to be a bit selfish and put yourself first.

  3. That looks really good on you, i need to have a baby free shopping day so i can have a proper primark haul, Seb hates the bright lights in the stores, they make him cry.

  4. Oh and i also loved Supermarket Sweep i would go on it now if it was still on x

  5. LOVE that dress,
    also I love supermarket sweep...a year or so ago I found re-runs playing on some odd cable channel. I was in heaven!

  6. Love the dress, very pretty.
    I have a love/hate relationship with Primark at the moment...x

  7. That dress is lovely on. I like the high neck, it really suits you. Will need to pop to Primark soon.

    Re the friend I say just leave it. It really sounds like you have already tried and if it is getting you down that much it just isn't worth it. You deserve more than that. All you can do is hope they change and be around if they do.


  8. Excellent dress, looks great with the shoes!
    I've had friend problems in the past and sometimes you just get to the point where you have to cut them out to stop hurting yourself. Maybe they'll come back and maybe not, but at least you'll be better off for it :)

  9. This makes your legs look super long - cute dress. My recent Primarni trip yeilded a disappointing zilch clothes wise. Although I was discussing Supermarket sweep recently too and it is awesome!

    Re your friend: I haven't caught all the chat but Lucy advice is very sage - if they're having a bad time and you can support them, as a good friend you should. However, if they're always bringing you down, maybe it is time to cut ties. You should want to see your friends and there should be give and take in the relationship...