Tuesday, 1 February 2011

it's just my humble opinion but it's one that i believe in..

an outfit post, and something a little different (if a little later than anticipated)..

first off - the outfit..nothign that new or exciting, the dress has been worn recently, along with the same tights from primark..and this cherry print cardigan from topshop several years ago, which i found hidden in the back of a drawer..i really need to go through my wardrobes as there are so many things i'm bound to have forgotten about!!

this outfit was worn to go to the cinema a few weeks ago friend suggested we went to see gulliver's travels, as she does like to go and see pretty much everything at the cinema..talking of which, i have been umming and ahhing over getting an unlimited card for our local cineworld, as by going twice in a month (not unreasonable, and i tend to anyway) it has paid for itself..does anyone else have one / recommend it?!

anyway, my first film review: Gulliver's Travels

the basic story tells of Jack's character, Gulliver, blagging his way into a writing job at the newspaper he works the mailroom at, and sees him heading off to the Bermuda Triangle for his story, getting lost in a storm and ending up in Lilliput, where he reinvents himself with an ego to match his relative size..
- the fact that it's a Jack Black movie pretty much sets the scene in terms of what to expect! he's one of those actors who really just plays himself in my opinion, and has to make sure he meets his self-imposed quota of childish toilet-related humour (in this film, definitely met in the scene where he puts out the fire in Lilliput)..for some of the film i wasn't sure whether to groan or laugh, but it was fairly watchable, i just had to keep reminding myself not to set my expectations high enough to "sensible" level.. the cast was fairly good really, i do like Emily Blunt (especially in Devil wears Prada) and i think she played the part of the princess well, and i really like Jason Segel, who has played Marshall in How I Met Your Mother for a few seasons now - i think he is very amusing, and set to do well in his upcoming movies this year..but i did feel that the entire cast were outshone, whether intentionally or not, by Jack Black..not particularly due to talent, just the fact that he has quite clearly had a lot of input into the making of this film, and all the other characters just got that "minor" feel to them..
we saw this film in 3D, and i cant' say that it really added that much to the enjoyment / entertainment factor, it wouldn't have been all that different without..overall whilst i'm not overly enamoured with it, there were a few moments where the pair of us laughed out loud, although i'm not sure if those were the intentionally hilariuous parts or not..i didn't laugh in the peeing scene..maybe i'm not kid's not one i would bother to wacth again!


  1. Wardrobes plural? You lucky girl! There's no way I go to the cinema enough to warrant an Unlimited Card (nor do I have anyone to go with!) but I know people who've had them and they find they go to see all sorts of different films, ones they would normally overlook if they weren't 'free'. If you could pay for them monthly I might be more tempted!

  2. That cardie is a real find, it's great when you find something you had forgotten you had isn't it? I had a feeling that film would be pants.
    Kandi x

  3. I saw the trailer for this and just thought NO. I can't cope with Jack Black trying to be funny, he just grates on my nerves. I like your review though!

    Re the unlimited card - we don't have a Cineworld anywhere near me so it's not something I've ever looked at. But if you'll definitely go twice a month then it seems daft not to get one. I love my Picturehouses membership (3 free tickets a year and £2 off per ticket as well as loads of discounts in local restaurants etc).

  4. Cute cherry print cardi!
    Great review Char. I love Jason Segel, he's so funny. Haven't seen this film though as like you, most people have said it's just ok, not great.

    I have an unlimited card and I highly recommend them. Some months I only go once but then others I go once or twice a week. And as you say, 2 shows and its paid for. I'm lucky though as I am only 5 minutes walk from the cinema.