Thursday, 24 February 2011

my father took me into the city, to join the black parade..

a completely primark outfit today..i really like this zebra print dress, and felt the colour went well with this pair of floral leggings. i went with a simple pair of cream glittery pumps as the dress is quite short..this outfit is from last week, i'm currently feeling totally exhausted and was waay too tired to contemplate taking pictures this morning, but my guide camp went well, which was good..then i went to give blood last night, and then perhaps unwisely headed off to the cinema to see black swan on the late showing, so today i'm feeling fairly tired!
i have had a clear out of some of my jewellery, and was wondering about doing a jewellery sale, or perhaps a giveaway with them, any suggestions ?


  1. That waistcoat was such a great buy - it looks amazing with everything.

  2. You look fab! I haven't seen Black Swan, and I really don't want to!! haha! Re your jewellery, you should sell some and giveaway some :)

  3. Oh man, last time I gave blood I had a panic attack and nearly fainted, was so embarrassed I haven't been back since! Loved Black Swan, was so creepy, hope you liked it! :)

  4. Love the waistcoat! Not sure if I fancy Black Swan, I like scary stuff but the ballet bit puts me off. xxx

  5. Lovely outfit as always. The waistcoat looks great with the floaty dress.
    Glad to hear your camp went well! x