Wednesday, 2 February 2011

soemtimes i fake that i hate you and make up so you'll end up next to me..

oh how excited i was a few weeks back when i caught sight of this printed dress on the new look website..since when do new look do amazing prints like this?! i tried not to
get too excited though, as i had a few frustrating moments with last year's new look dresses, being beautiful on the hanger, but obscenely short when actually tried on..and i'm not even that tall - only 5'6!

so when i saw it in the store in chester a couple of weeks ago, i picked it up with some speed, but tried hard not to get my hopes up, thinking i would have to return it..when i did finally get around to trying it on, i was pleasantly suprised at the length - ok, so it's not the longest dress in the world, but perhaps hemlines are set to come down a little on new look planet this year!
what did disappoint me, was the fact that i had to re-stitch some of the stitching where the sleeve had been badly sewed and was coming apart before it had even been taken out of the bag (my own fault for not checkign more thoroughly when i purchased it, i guess, and i didn't want to take it back and complain as i know they don't stock it in my local store, so what could they do?!)

i wore it to sunday lunch with a friend who will be my mentor for my queen's guide award - the plan has been made, we have filled in the forms and they are in the post as i type - i'm on my way and have a little over two yrs to finish it!


  1. Oh that is niiiiice. Love the print an awful lot and the tights and cardi pick out the colours beautifully. Plus I don't think it's too short at all - looks a really nice length to me. Bad news about the stitching quality though :(

  2. Looks so pretty, might have to look out for it, though it will surely be indecent on me (6ft)!

  3. I've been in love with this dress for the last couple of weeks, its sooo beautiful x
    I'm trying hard to work twitter out, its very confusing :/

  4. I was just looking at that dress on the website, as its also in the tall range, the price is putting me off a bit though, for the quality.

  5. It's a beautiful print and I love the clashy bag you're wearing with it.
    It's a perfect length on you. xxx

  6. Ooh nice dress, pretty print, may have to start going in New Look again! :)

  7. cute dress and cardi hon!

    i love your blog x

  8. Beautiful print. And a great length (I agree that New Look is often WAY too short). The bag is lovely too and I really like it with the outfit. Good luck with your Queen's Award, I'm sure you'll be storming through it.

    Thanks for your lovely comment the other day. Everyones words really cheered me up. Oh and I'm the same, have to leave lush and body shop really quickly cos of the smell. Usually get them in gifts.


  9. Another beautiful dress! And I think the length is fine. Good luck with doing the award xx