Tuesday, 29 March 2011

the blogging hiatus continues. really sorry. i am in the process of trying to draw a line under the last four years or so and start afresh and i'm not finding it very easy. but it means i don't have a lot else to say, as it's the only thing i can seem to think about, so i won't bore you all.

i hope to be back soon.


  1. Sometimes carrying on as normal and pushing problems aside works and they go away on their own.
    But sometimes it doesn't and that's OK too.

    Hope you get things feeling a bit more sorted soon.

  2. text me any time sweetheart x

  3. Hope you are ok hun, you can email me anytime you need to rant x

  4. Take care of yourself sweetie, lots of people out here care about how you are xxx

  5. You know where I am :)

    If things get really bad let me know and I'll bring Ffi round so we can teach you the TROUT DANCE. Guaranteed mood lifter.