Saturday, 26 March 2011

cause i saved a few and i keep them in a jar..

i have been meaning to feature my camp blanket for ages, but as it's a constant work in progress, i have been putting it off until it's 'more finished'..
i think that camp blankets may be my favourite guiding tradition..i'm not really one for uniform (i wear it to formal events only, under duress!) and i can't say i'm particularly great at singing, or knots, but there's something great about collecting, earning and swapping badges which then remind you of different places, events or is the blanket i started when i was 14..


at the end of last year's summer camp, i had the grand idea (not) of unpicking every badge, primarily so that i could wash the blanket properly, and also because i wasn't all that happy with the wa y everythign had been set out, and i sort of thought i wanted more order to it..which i have done now that i have got them all back on (only taken 8months!) i'm still not happy with some parts, and will probably re-do one 'section' at least..i also need to teach myself to blanket-stitch, so that i can finish off the head hole, and then i want to cut out some large felt letters so that i can put my name on in some of the remaining space!


  1. Ohhh how I wish I had kept all my badges and blanket!

  2. Oh it's fab!!

    I don't dare start unpicking mine but I do think I might have to move a few over to a new blanket as it's all got a bit out of control.

  3. this project must have taken so many hours! I got a lot of brownie badges but sadly no guides badges.

  4. Goodness Char that is a lot of badges!!! It looks great and will be fabulous with your name on the middle. My mam sent me my old brownie sash recently with all my old badges. x