Thursday, 31 March 2011

i wish i could drive away to the sunset..

Project Wardrobe

as requested, before and after pictures from the grand wardrobe clearout - i ended up donating six bags of clothes to the charity shops, and have another two bags of dresses to list on ebay next time i get chance to take some photographs and get them listed..

this is what the room turned out like after a day of clearing out, folding, hanging and outsorting things to be mended..and also after alex did battle with an ikea clothes rail, and managed to get it together - i think i need another one though.and i have a lot of ironing to do, which isn't a bad thing as i love ironing :)

Project Wardrobe 2

Project Wardrobe 3

maybe i need a skirt challenge to help me get through the heap as well, although i think i will go with a shoe challenge for april, i have several pairs i have never worn or featured on here so that will be good..i am very pleased with what we managed to achieve, as i had worried that alex would turn up and be put off by the monstrous task!

changing the subject slightly, i want to say thanks for all the lovely and cheering comments received; i'm really sorry to be so down what seems like all the time, but this is a new month, and a new start and start to take control of things..i went out last night, and no, it didn't make me forget about everything, but it did make me realise that i could still laugh and have a good time with people, and my friends made me promise to talk to them instead of worrying about being a burden to them, which was good..i don't drink anyway, so it wasn't difficult to get up for my appt to the docs at 7am this morning, and i have talked over some options with them based on my other existing meds, and think that the method we've decided on will help..
this evening i'm off to meet with a woman who has offered to help me progress with my dressmaking skills, which i am using for the skill section of my Queen's Guide award..i am determined not to fall behind with that, as i think it is something i would be disappointed with myself if i gave it up..and other than that i have plenty of sorting out of clothes, ebay listing, and sewing commissions to keep me occupied..
also i have noticed that i have reached more than 100 followers, and just wanted to say thanks for sticking by me, i'm amazed that anyone wants to take the time to read what i have to write, so thanks very much! i will plan a giveaway soon..i need to think of somethign to make for an easter-themed swap as well..i've never done a proper blog swap before, so will have to find some inspiration!


  1. Wow look at it - the floor space, the LIGHT! Well done Char and Alex - I bet you found loads of stuff you forgot you had too, you shouldn't need to go shopping for the rest of the year!

    I'm glad you went out last night, it often does you good to force yourself out even if it's the last thing you want to do xx

  2. What a fab job you guys did! You have so many lovely items, a challenge is a great idea to make the most of them :) x

  3. Yup, you both did a fabulous job. Glad you're feeling brighter.

    You like ironing?? OMG, I don't; I never do it!

  4. What a fantastic achievement! It's a crime to keep your lovely frocks in a heap when they should be admired.
    I missed yesterday's post but I'm glad you went out and spent time with friends. xxx

  5. Wow you both did an amazing job! You may have given me the kick up the bum I needed to get my wardrobe sorted!

  6. You two must have worked so hard! I'm glad you went out last night, it does always help to get out and about x

  7. Wow Char, that is quite some before and after!

    Love to youuuu x

  8. a job well done! What an amazing collection, almost a shop worth!

  9. Hello! I've seen your name on both a Daisy chain dream and Pink-haired Princess's blog and never got around to having a look, was always intrigued by your name! Why the T-rexes by the way? I'm impressed by the sort out. The before shot resembles my bedroom which is just one heaving mass of clothes! But what pretty dresses you have- I particularly like the cherry dress sticking out! Was just considering buying a cherry 1950's swing dress recently!
    Oh and what exactly is a Queen's guide award?
    Anyway, I like your blog!
    Have a nice day!

  10. I need to have a huge sort out, my garage is just oen big walk in wardrobe and it's a total mess. You have inpsired me!

  11. Well done to you and Alex! You should get the pile sorted or it'll just get bigger - mine do.

    I'm glad you had a night out and enjoyed yourself xx

  12. wow what a transformation :)

    Wel done for keeping going and making positive steps, it's not easy now but every day a little bit you will feel better xxx

  13. Wow that's a lotta stuff!
    I thought I had a lot...xx

  14. Didn't we do well? Let me know if you need DIY assistance with the next clothes rail!

  15. Goodness me, that is quite a clothing stash!! It is amazing how therapeutic a good clear out can be, isn't it. Let us know when you get the rejects up on eBay. I, for one, will be taking a peek!

  16. Awesome organising! I love ironing too, Sean thinks I'm a nutter when I ask to iron his work shirts haha! :)