Sunday, 13 March 2011

i wish nothing but the best for you too..

still feeling under the weather, so here is last saturday's mooching into town / around the house outfit as i currently look (even) rough(er)..
i know i've shown this dress before, i'm quite pleased with the way it turned out, although i erred a little too much on the caution side of things, and it's probably a bit too big..luckily the tie at the front can be used to cinch it in quite a bit..i love the material, it's a kind of flannel feel to it, which makes it lovely and warm (definitely needed on a chilly saturday, which it was!) 
speaking of my dressmaking skills (disclaimer - term 'skills' used in the loosest possible sense of the word..) i'm rather excited - as part of my Queen's Guide award, i'm planning to improve my skills at dressmaking, and have been in contact with a lovely woman who is planning to help me with this - i have to go and meet her with something i have made, and see how i can set up some 'targets' to show my progression and improvement over a year..
back to the outfit - i totally love these comfortable red boots as well, i think that for quality, Office usually do seem to make shoes which last very well - my favourite nautical platforms have put up with days and days of heavy wear and the heel tips aren't even showing any damage..these boots are leather and were a fantastic ebay bargain at £31, and even better they are ridiculously comfortable - i'd choose them over a pair of uggs any day...the rest of the outfit was fairly boring, black cardi, new look lace tights in cream..roll on feeling better and getting more adventurous :)
hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend, i'm spending mine catering for 20 girls at my friends' guide unit holiday..we will be doing our 'filmlover' badge..apologies for being such a guidey-geek at the moment .... :)


  1. this dress is amazing, love the scenes on it, so fun. I am looking for some flat leather boots, but it seems that shops don't like stocking real leather anymore. I just want a proper leather pair that will last forever, or at least a while.

  2. Ahh my favourite dress - I love it with the red boots! You're so god to have that as your 'lounging about' outfit - I'm lounging about today and it's old jeans and a hoody!

    That sounds so exciting about the dressmaking, I hope you'll post your progress on here xx

  3. Ooh a 'Filmlover' badge sounds like something I could achieve haha! Guides sounds like fun now, it sure wasn't very interesting when I went... I still love this dress! :)

  4. I would love your shoe collection and also your collection of dresses please! x

  5. Second attempt...

    Glad to see the alpine dress getting another outing, it's so fab. I'm with Lucy on both her points. One - you do lounging with such style (I'm in leggings, a long vest and cosy cardi right now) and two - you must show us your progress with the dressmaking. You are already so good so I'm certain you will be doing amazing things. x

  6. Guidey geekage is good! I really must do something about the Mary Poppins badge mustn't I?

  7. That dress is fabulous, made even better with those quirky red booties! xxx

  8. I've probably already mentioned this on Facebook, but I love this dress and those boots are amazing. Very Mighty Boosh, in case you've seen the tv series, which is a good thing by the way! Love this whole outfit. xxx