Friday, 4 March 2011

i'm looking at you through the glass..

i was in two minds whether to post these pictures today..i have got a serious case of the 'body blues' at the moment i think..i am not seeing anything i like about my outfit, figure, face, etc..having made an effort to do more exercise, and eat better, i have been managing to do so since the new year, but don't feel like i'm getting anywhere with losing weight or anything, which is making me sad :(
not sure if maybe i need to have a more defined diet plan or something..
anyway, the shoes are from new look, skirt - matalan sale, cardigan - river island


  1. I love the teal in your outfit, you should pop on a pair of similarly coloured tights and really play on the colour.
    Don't be sad, there's nothing wrong with you that a blast of spring sunshine won't cure. I think it must be the long winter blues.
    Thank you so much for my surprise parcel, Char! It's beautiful and so me. I love it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh Char, sorry to hear that you're feeling a bit blue. I think you look lovely today, but then you always do (blimey that rhymes - wasn't meant to!). We all suffer from it, don't worry. I've got a serious case of hateful hair at the moment, so that is making me feel very unhappy indeed.

    Love the skirt and cardie - gorgeous colours.

  3. Char i'm sorry to hear you're feeling down. You have a lovely figure hun although i know sometimes people telling you doesn't help. I'm not particularly fond of my figure at the minute either.
    That tea is a gorgeous colour on you x

  4. Ah I'm the same, altho I just live on junk food so not helping myself! Love your skirt, I nearly got a similar one in M&S xmas sale but they sold out, rubbish :)

  5. You have a fab figure, don't put yourself down so much. Hunny work with what your blessed with. Love the print on that skirt.

    KylieDee xXx

  6. Love yourself, pretty little one. Accept, love, and be content. It's easy to say, and hard as hell to do. Remember though - the harder you are on yourself, the harder you take everything else from others, too. Be well. xx

  7. Oh no,
    body blues truly suck
    but take it from me (and the rest of us)
    you.are.gorgeous. x

  8. I would kill for a figure like yours, it's not always easy to see it for yourself but you look fantastic, you always do!
    You really do suit that blue too ~ squeezy hugs.
    Kandi x

  9. I'm making no progress with weightloss either - it's so depressing isn't it? :(

    But you look lovely - nothing whatsoever wrong with your outfit, figure or face!

  10. Aww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ..OH MY VOGUE!

  11. I love your skirt! Lovely.


  12. Very pretty colours in your outfit. Sorry you are feeling that way just now and I can totally relate as I'm feeling the exact same. You are so pretty though and have a fab shape.
    Big hugs. x