Sunday, 27 March 2011

in the heat of the summer sunshine..





it's taken me a while,  but here is the second dress of my recentish laura ashley spree..i absolutely love some of their new collections at the moment, there are several more dresses on my list for payday, or whenever i win the lottery ...
also, frustrating but predictable, as soon as i had worn both the dresses, the website / store had a 25% off event..grr! always the way..i still love them both, though and am going to try hard to avoid doing my usual trick of wearing something once and then forgetting about it..

i wasn't all that sure about the shoes with the dress, as the stripes are more coral not the red of the heels and platforms on this pair, but i think the stripes are similar enough to make it all ok! :) i've had this pair of 'really high platforms' from office for years, and dig them out everytime there is a sniff of a naultical trend..they're remarkably comfortable and must have paid for themselves ten times over, which is impressive as i seem to recalll they were q expensive !

am really enjoying the cheerful summer weather at the moment tooo..long may it last ;)


  1. You look lovely hun. That dress is gorgeous, such a great print. The shoes goes with it well.

    Hope you have a wonderful day with Alex. x

  2. I love those shoes, they are so cutee!

  3. Pretty dress, pretty shoes, pretty you!
    Funny how the weather's changed again. It's back to coats again. Brrrr! xxx

  4. That is a gorgeous dress and I just cant get over how fabulous those shoes are!

  5. That is such a sweet dress, and I am in love with those heels! It's so great to be able to get out my summer things again for real, not to mention go on a few shopping trips too!

  6. Oh my god that dress is amazing!!! Should I click on the Laura Ashley website???

  7. I love the shoes going with the dress. Its such a pretty dress :)

  8. Those shoes are amazing!! I love anything nautical :) x

  9. Char! You and the dress look wonderful in those photos! You now have me trawling the Laura Ashley website!