Friday, 25 March 2011

let's hear it in the herd and on the wing

first, this is the boater hat i managed to win from ebay last week, in advance of the mary poppins's too small for my giant head, i'm not sure how to make it stay on - hair grips strategically placed maybe?!

i dug out this pair of coral pumps from the plastic drawers where i keep some of my unboxed shoes, and it doesn't look like they have fared very well over the last few months, there isn't much room in the drawers - but i have now straightened them out and they seem fine..
this dress is a new look one, i thought originally it was a concession one, but it had new look tags so i'm guessing not..i saw it on the website when they were running a free delivery promo a few wks ago, and deemed it the only thing i would order on the whole site, but i wasn't overly sure if it would be 'too white'..i saw it on the lovely Sarah's blog, here, and decided it was quite lovely after all and that i'd look out for it next time i went to the has a rather nice bow detail on the back which i haven't really managd to show very well here..though under the cardi i'm concerned i may look a little bit "hunchback of notre dame"! it's a little short for my usual liking, hence the flats..
dress - new look, pumps and cardigan - primark

other things which are happening this week..
  • i am worried about the state of one of the fish from my work tank, i think it has fish TB so have set up a separate tank for it, but i don't think it will get better..
  • i have been unsuccessfully trying to track down this bird print peter pan shirt from miss selfridge after seeing in a blog post, but it's not available in any of the stores near me, so if anyone sees one anywhere, let me know :)
  • i have lost 1lb so far without really starting to 'up the ante' when it comes to my weight loss / fitness..i have been motivated by the Where are my Knees? girls, who are great and full of tips and recipes..
  • I have been realising just how uncoordinated i am, through playing the Just Dance Broadway game on the Wii which i was given last week..i'm not good, but i'm not really sure how it can figure out how good or otherwise you are..
  • i'm falling behind with my sewing commissions..i would like another day in the week please!


  1. cute dress!
    i could never find a boater hat to fit me or stay on so i ended up hanging mine on bedroom wall instead

  2. your shoes and dress are jsut perfect! Lovely for spring!

  3. Another stunning dress, Char. 50s style dresses really suit you.

    I don't wear hats (well, only the woolly kind) so can't really advise on how to keep your new one in place. Hair grips, though, sound the way forward. Have a great weekend.

    Btw, I'm pleased to say that I'm quite good at Just Dance! It's the only Wii game that I can manage to beat my daughter! Yay!

  4. I love the dress and shoes. Lovely colours. Well done on the weight loss :) I'm too lazy to even try! lol

  5. i love this dress! well done on the weightloss and i hope your little fishie gets better xx

  6. Beauuutiful dress and love the colour of the shoes.
    Well done on the 1lb loss. I really need to get myself in gear and diet but i love cake too much xx

  7. Love the look - it s very English Country with a modern twist!!! How perfect!!


  8. I think you look lovely, and that boater is so cute. The bird print blouse is gorgeous, I'll have to keep an eye out for it myself, it's lovely and you're welcome Char, I think you're right, it's naievity more than anything and I'm sure Geoffrey Boycott didn't mean what he said to offend anyone. I think I was a little rash. xxx

  9. Pretty dress, Cahr. I have the same trouble with hats, I have a massive head and have terrible trouble getting hats to fit. Could you scrape your hair into a really tight bun and balance the boater on top, secured with hair pins (not grips)? xxx

  10. Maybe go all Enid Blyton and attatch ribbon or cord and tie it under your chin? x

  11. Haha! Your title made me laugh! Having recently indulged in a spot of Disney Singstar, it feels most relevant!

  12. Oh that dress looks absolutely lovely on! I thought it might be too white as well, but I'm glad to be proven wrong. The accessories are utter perfection as well.

  13. Very pretty dress hun! Will make sure to have a look in Miss S next time I pass. x

  14. Dear Charlotte, lovely dress and you have the best taste in shoes, those pink ones are gorgeous.

    The Actor bought me a Wii Fit for Christmas. I've only switched in on once. He happened to be standing over me. I did a ten minute hula hoop class. Haven't touched it since. I feel quite guilty now! I may have to actually switch the thing on next week. Have a wonderful weekend xx