Monday, 28 March 2011

this is your last second chance..

no real post from me today, i basically can't get to the computer, as i may be stuck in this mountain of clothes..i have officially run out of storage space (about a yr ago) and the whole room is getting full..nightmare..


luckily, super-alex has come to save the day, and she's promised not to make me throw anything out..fingers crossed!


  1. Oh my god - good luck both of you! I'm not the tidiest person by any means but I couldn't live with that - you'll feel brilliant once it's done! x

  2. I hope you got on okay with that huge pile! xxx

  3. Ahaha oh I hope you and Alex have fun!

  4. Holy crap, you will get lost in there, get Alex to tie a rope to your ankle and she can pull you back out if you get lost :)
    I bet you find stuff you forgot you had and it will be like having a shopping spree without the spending.
    Kandi x