Wednesday, 30 March 2011

you make me wanna die.

very little point elaborating on the title..the person it's aimed at will know it's them when / if they see it..having an unbelievably shit day, the amount of time i have spent at my desk crying is stupid..i know that i have to sort my life out, but at the moment the list seems to get longer by the day, not really making any progress..i'm feeling bad that i seem to be letting a lot of people down, and also conscious that i don't want to be a constant whingey bore, or rely too much on my friends to make me feel better..ugh!
i've been asked out for drinks this evening, and am in two minds about whether or not i should go, i don't want to go just so that everyone can feel sorry for me, and i don't want to be a burden - at the same time i rarely see these people and i know they get sick and tired of me always cancelling on them..feel a little bit like i am going to faint :( oh well, doctor's in the morning..

i don't very much feel like outfit posting at the moment..partly because i feel so shit that i'm convinced i also look it.. and also because i'm not feeling at all inspired, so the last few days have just gone for the same kinds of outfits which have been posted in the past...

i think i need a challenge - something to focus on for april? am thinking a different pair of shoes each day so that i can wear some of the ones which have lived in their boxes all their lives..any suggestions would be appreciated...


  1. I was going to suggest different shoes a day...
    could you stretch to different IC every day?

  2. Hi thanks for your comment on my blog! Really excited to get your letter, was wondering if we should decide who would write first, I'll write back as soon as I can. :)
    Hope your doing ok! I have a budgeting challenge for April which sounds a lot less fun than your shoe challenge. You should definitely document it in pictures :)

  3. I hope the person does read this, and feels extremely bad about what an absolute dick they've been to you. Grrr.

    Anyway lovely, you rely on me as much as you want. I've always got my phone around.

    Shove the before and after photos of the wardrobe room up - that'll make a great post! I like your challenge idea muchly. Perhaps work your way through the cupboard?

  4. Ooohh yes shoes please! Like Alex says before and after of the room of doom would be great I'm just so nosey.
    Kandi x

  5. Ohhh Char, i;m sorry someone is making you feel so bad. I think a different pair of shoes each day would be fab x

  6. Oh sweetheart x

    The shoe challenge would be amazing. I never know where to start with shoes so I would lobe some inspiration

  7. Would love to see After pics of the wardrobe! Take care dear and hope you feel happier soon xx

  8. the shoe challenge sounds like fun. Sorry to hear things are not going well...

  9. I wish I could come and give you a proper hug but as this is the internet, a virtual one will have to do. I'm sorry you're having a really shitty time at the moment, but I know exactly how you feel as things aren't spectacular where I am either. I hope things perk up for you soon lovely, you don't deserve all this rubbish. And I quite like Laura's idea, I'm not very creative at the moment so I'm stuck for an idea to give you. xxx

  10. Oh you poor thing! If I feel like that (apart from sleeping) I try and distract myself with a brilliant book or a funny DVD. Hope you're ok. Looking forward to the shoe posts, you have great shoes xx